Chic Window Bench


This Window bench was truly the easiest piece of furniture I have created thus far. Originally this piece was just two large barn styled (square) end tables which ended up being useless to me after I found an identical coffee table set for the living room but being that I am determined to repurpose everything I own I decided to push the two together & sit it up against my window as a place for the cats to hang out and gawk at their squirrel friends. As useful as this was it was tacky as hell so I decided to make it a little more flattering to the eye.

What you need:

Measured Piece Of Foam (Joan’s, Michaels or Walmart memory foam)

2 matching end tables or here’s an idea for uniqueness 2 mismatched end tables, same height similar width (thrift store, garage sales, craigslist)

Your choice of fabric (Joan’s)

Hot glue stick and hot glue gun (Joan’s, Michaels)

*I started out purchasing a piece of foam from Joan Fabrics. Mind you I regret this because this tiny ass piece of foam was $35 & what I could have done was gone up to my local Walmart and purchase a full sized bed foam piece for about $12 that I could have easily cut down to the exact size but you live and you learn right? If you do decide to go the more expensive route make sure you measure the exact length and width you need as I forgot that step and made my life extremely difficult. Luckily I managed to get pretty close and was only off about an inch in length.

* Next I took my fabric and the best way to describe this technique is I literally wrapped the foam like you would a gift. Then (you could call this the “half assed” part I literally hot glued the fabric to the piece of foam. Sounds unreliable I know but here’s a little side advice… You cannot always trust a department store mirror, the strength of a high heel or that drinking a glass of water before bed will prevent a hangover however you can and always trust the power of a hot glue gun. badabing badaboom.

*Lastly, I collected a variety of pretty pillows from local thrift stores and garage sales and displayed them on my rad new bench. As you see below I did not buy enough fabric to completely cover the piece of foam. I would recommend that you do to keep the fabric together tight. My way worked fine but for a dollar two more it could have been slightly better.


Thank’s for reading. XO Cass


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