Flipped Shabby Chic Dresser. (from shit to chic)


This dresser has been with me since the tender age of 13. The day this dresser became mine was the day I became a woman. I was upgrading from a dinky toddler twin size to a full size bed and it was a bitter sweet moment for me to say the least.

As for this day…………


.. Yea that day.. Was the day my dad decided to humiliate me and post photos on social media of my bedroom in attempt to encourage me to clean my room more often. It was good effort but it still took me a few more years before I finally realized the importance of an organized bedroom. Shall we play a quick game of who can spot the roll of toilet paper?

What you need-

Screw driver-   Locate a man if you are not one…. and then locate his tool box. Otherwise it’s time to be domesticated.. Time to buy yourself one.

Hot glue gun/hot glue sticks– Any craft store I purchased mine from Michaels years ago and it still works like it’s brand new.

 A dresser.- If you already have an old one then perfect otherwise you can find one cheap at any thrift shop, Craigslist etc.

Knob dresser uppers– Anything you can hot glue, you can use. I got the vintage flowers fro

m Michaels in the scrap book Isle and that was the only thing I purchased. Originally I will admit they were only supposed to be flowers but I was off on my count of knob spaces there were and did not have enough. So I put on my thinking cap and started ripping my apartment apart to find anything else I could use since it was 9 o clock at night and  like… obviously I can’t wait tell morning to buy more flowers because I’m not satisfied with waiting and I want it done now……….What I ended up finding was a few quarters, a really old ugly statement necklace that was broken, a knob from a vanity I still have to re purpose and an old watch.

11240771_10155594783120297_8443570803951197820_n 10996528_10155594783385297_6037541201411209075_n

I just went with it.. Hot glued and spray painted what I wanted and used a hammer to break the Watch. Keep in mind this was me working with what I had and it was easy because I tend to be quite the hoarder. Michaels does carry lots of little vintage looking pieces in the same isle I found the flowers. The more random the pieces are the more unique your piece will look.

optional supplies.

Paint– Make it what you want. If your working with a dresser that already has flare to it and you like the color it is then there is no need to waste your time or money. I used what I had laying around from painting my walls grey I would say it was about two small cans of wall paint. Then I took an accent color and painted the inside of the drawers to make it pop more.

Paint Primer- Primer is usually needed if you are painting anything that is not already white. This helps your color come through. I prefer to use the spray paint version but that’s only because I am really lazy I used four cans.

16493_10155594624595297_6756971148513804086_n 1610932_10155594624675297_1367449604819636806_n

Sand paper–  You will want to sand lightly over the dresser just to get the finish off… This will help your paint stick better. My top was also destroyed from hot irons and makeup leaving it rough so if you also have the same problem you will want to sand it tell there’s a smoother finish. This shouldn’t take you too long… I half assed the crap out of this step because sanding…. is absolutely no fun at all.

Painters tape– This is if your accent color (if you choose to do this) Because it’s ok to half ass it but it’s not ok to have ugly paint lines.

What you do

-Bump some motivational music

-poor yourself some wine

-First thing I did was separate the mirror from the dresser itself.  It should be pretty easy to remove I would say on most dressers. You will need a screw driver for this.

-Remove all of the old knobs.. you will also need your screw driver for this step.

-Get to sanding! I sanded very lightly over the entire dresser so that it wasn’t too time consuming. This helps the paint stick better.

-Poor some more wine

– Prime everything you will be painting. Only necessary if you are painting over a dresser that is not already white.

-First paint your accent color (inside your drawers) use painters tape so it stays on the inside of the drawer only.

– Once your accent color is finished get to painting your primary color if you already got a buzz from your wine I would slow down and get yourself some water because from experience I know…. painting drunk is dangerous. I only needed two layers of paint.

– Once the paint has all completely dried I then hot glued my “knobs” in place. There is two ways you can do this. You can use your old knobs and glue the pieces onto the knobs directly. Or you can remove the knobs completely and hot glue them to the drawer themselves. If you hot glue them to the knobs please make sure to glue around the piece so it is more secure.

11295611_10155593594215297_4070643028050800526_n 10460230_10155593594440297_6268911406363956642_n

– Dress up your dresser. I personally am a sucker for candles and the color gold so I cut two wine bottles, spray painted them gold (which will be on the blog soon) and then used them to display my candles.

11295813_10155593594970297_6930289019820436174_n 11119127_10155593594865297_4598961699877732897_n

– And you did it. Go get yourself the whole bottle of wine, sit back and admire your new piece. You deserve it 😉



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