Music Festival Inspired Haul.

Lana Del Rey & Courtney Love Outdoor Concert

So I am not attending a music festival however this weekend three girlfriends and myself will be road tripping from Minneapolis to Chi town for the Lana Del Rey concert in Tinley Park & that’s close enough if you ask me. Seeing as this is not actually a festival and just a one night event my list will be short and sweet but I thought it would be fun to share some of my festival inspired favorites.

For your ultimate festival packing guide check this list out that I found on Pinterest.

BluemountainBelle is also one of my favorite blogs to follow check her stuff out.


Flash TatsThis cute new fashion statement has fast become one of my favorites to rock this summer. I love the statement it makes without permanently tattooing your skin.


Hair feathers– May be a little 2013 Kesha but who doesn’t love to throw some glitter and make it rain?

Flower Crowns– This is my favorite flower child accessory and lately I have been seeing more and more of them everywhere. I personally like to DIY my own crowns which I will be posting a how to here very soon otherwise you can purchase your own at (forever21/ H&M/ Charlotte Russe/ American Eagle etc)

10989171_10155624348500297_835223186322333375_n (1)

(Photo- my bestie should so be a mod for my flower crown line)

Knuckle Rings– This is a trend that has been growing fast over the last year and I love it. It looks so bohemian feminine. Another festival trend that is booming is the bracelet ring combo.

il_570xN.483444262_igur braceletringchain

Wool wide-brim Fedoras Or what I call my coachella hats. For as much as my boyfriend hates this look I absolutely adore it. They bring so much mystery to a look like inspector gadget… maybe not the sexiest reference I could think of but you have to admit there is a similarity there.


Bandanas – Jessie James brought them back and I am so glad she did. I love to fold them into a headband and knot it right at my hair line. This is a good look for a really hot day, keeping your hair out of your face while looking stylish at the same time.

Retro sunglasses – YES LANA YES



Rompers – I packed mostly all rompers for my weekend, mostly because they are super comfortable, super easy and super in right now.


Maxi Skirt – Maxi skirts are perfect for outdoor concerts.. you’re comfortable & breezy in heat, you can dance without showing your hooha and they are cute as hell.

Crop tops – I have been loving the look of a nice crop top paired with a maxi skirt. It just looks easy and pretty. Great for an outdoor concert.


High Wasted shorts – If you can pull them off I hate you but love you at the same time and just wear them for me because I cannot.

Kimonos – I have two packed and ready to go.  A light one that is breezy enough to protect my skin from the  sun and a thick one for a little warmth.



PS for shits and giggles I will tell you I thought it was “kabanos” Like I have literally been going around telling people “Hey cute Kabano girly”…… So when I first tried to google a image this is what I got. #ewh


Parachute Pants – K they have made them a lot cuter then what they made in the 80’s…. check out my girlfriend Lacey who by the way could wear a trash bag and still look good so really this could be a bad idea to try at home kids.. Unless you’re blonde and perfect.


Or brunette and perfect like this chick


Flower Child Dress – You know the parachute dress that you could jump out of a window wearing and not die…… (do not attempt I repeat DO NOT ATTEMPT)

 And there you have it, my favorite festival trends. I know they are pretty basic for the most part but fashion is about the basics staple pieces and making it you with whatever personal touches you add to it. Personal touches do not include the black choker. I don’t care who you saw wearing it at Coachella or whose 8th grade photo you saw from 1991. Don’t do it.

I will be posting photos of our trip over the weekend under the lifestyle tab for anyone interested. I hope you enjoyed reading & thanks for stopping by. XOXO Cass


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    • Oh yay of course! I did not realize it notified you when I reference something. That is awesome. As for bachelor I am a fan of the first episode, hometowns, over nights & the finale really.. Try to keep up on the others but it can be difficult. 🙂 Thanks for commenting and the follow.


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