Champagne chilled in 10 min tops


Tonight my girlfriend enlightened me and changed my life with a pretty neat life hack for champagne lovers like myself

Champagne is a lifestyle not a beverage k…. And I’m currently intoxicated so like if that doesn’t make sense then cut me some slack please.

What you do:

Buy some Champ…. Or wine this actually works better with wine because typically the bottles are thinner so roughly ten minutes on a bottle of wine. Champagne bottles are a wee bit thicker so depending on the freezer it may need between ten to fifteen minutes. Just make sure you’re checking after ten minutes frequently to prevent the bottle from shattering.

You want to wet a paper towel lightly and hug your bottle with it like a jacket then wrap it so it sticks. Place the bottle in the freezer, set a timer.

Last step … Drink the whole bottle… Make some friends… Cry if you’re a cryer … Send a few drunk texts.. Pass out. Wake up get your ass a mimosa asap and delete all of your drunk texts without reading that shit… If it’s deleted it never happened.

Have a not so sober Friday friends. Xoxo Cass


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