National Hug Your Cat Day


Oh look another day dedicated to cats. I have to say I can’t complain since I love my cats dearly but with their birthdays, Christmas and National Cat day on October 29th I gotta say.. damn my cat children are spoiled.

In light of this National day full of fur snuggles & love, I thought I would take a break from writing about my weekend in Chicago and write about my fur children.

Meet Priscilla Marie


cue WWE announcer voice

“Coming in at 4 pounds 1 foot tall” Don’t let this petite little thing fool ya. She’s a trouble maker and a farter. This chatter box is sure to talk your ear off, break a few mirrors, knock glasses off the counter and eat the food off your plate when you’re not looking. Luckily she redeems herself every night at bed time in mind night snuggle seshs.


I met Priscilla Marie at the tender age of 6 days old. Originally named Phillip before we knew she was a girl, Priscilla was born on my great grandmothers farm. The babies were in the attic of one of the old barns and she was the runt of the litter which made her instantly my favorite of course. My grandma continued to keep me updated with baby pictures of her and her siblings whom sadly almost all got sick and slowly passed away. All that was left was her brother and another older barn cat. Unlike the other two though Priscilla was meant for the indoors, lacking the independence that the other cats had she was persistent when it came to trying to get into the house, car anywhere there was human interaction.

Priscilla Marie came home with me at 8 months old after chasing down our car from leaving the farm. And i have not regretted a day of taking her into my home since.  She will be turning one this month.

Meet Winston George


“Weighing in at 9 pounds 1 foot tall it’s Winstonoooooooon George, The Hunting Machine. ” (I sure hope you were all still reading that in WWE style)

He may act all sweet and innocent but turn out the lights and he will eat your toes for dinner. This handsome guy knows he’s a stud and enjoys staring at his own reflection in the mirror, falling into bubbles baths with mom, running into glass patio doors, watching penguin movies, making out with human ears and having his budda belly rubbed. This guy may have done one too many lines of kitty crack if you know what I am saying.

Dooey may have been a more suitable name for him but I figured a name like Winston would help boost his self esteem because really! How many unintelligent Winston’s do you know? … Until now.


Winston George became my most cherished companion after moving into my first apartment alone. The transition from living with several people to coming home to an empty apartment daily got the best of me fast. Five day’s a week I was sleeping at my parents and the other two days I would avoid being alone by going out with friends. Eventually my parents bribed me with a cat so that they wouldn’t have to wake up every morning to me on their couch. That my friends is when this dog person became a full blown cat lady.


Some people say I got lucky with my cats. Both love company, both come when they’re called out for.. both love to play fetch yes, FETCH as in dog fetch, both wait for me at the door and both can sense when I’m not feeling ok and will consul me when I need it. The same way a dog would. I wouldn’t call it luck though. I truly believe that although every animal has it’s own unique personality that you as their human have more influence on these guys then you would normally think. I believe if you’re an active person your animal will also be active. If you’re interacting with your animal your animal will interact with you and that if you love your animal that they will love you just as much back.

So not just today, everyday and not just a cat but any and every animal you’ve taken on the responsibility of. Hug them. Love them. Be active in their lives and attentive to their needs. I see this day as more than just a reminder to hug your cats but a day for awareness of the ones who are not fortunate enough to feel that type of embrace. Remember their lives are in your hands and it’s our hands that touch their lives. Be gentle with them.


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