The View


No…not the boobs, the city.

I promised you a post on my trip to Chicago, and seeing as it’s taken me weeks to come up with something, I have to admit I’ve been having an extremely tough time writing about my experience. Partially because, ehh, 60 percent of the time I was slightly intoxicated and partially because instead of coming home and writing while my experience was fresh in my memory, I recovered in bed away from society for two days straight. So again, for the delay, I apologize. I might as well tell you that Lana was an epic failure. It was a high of 43 degrees that day with whiplash winds and down pouring rain; and of course us girlies only thought to bring shorts and open-toed shoes. Ok, so we’re not that much of complete idiots, we did pack warm clothing and tennis shoes, however, no amount of clothing would have made us comfortable; even with our pepto bismol colored ponchos on. So we bailed and decided to spend one last night in Chi Town, which was not completely a bad idea.

.Home away from home.

So this is what I got to wake up to every morning. You said it Beyonce; FLAWLESS


  And incase no one believed that we had the sickest view ever, I took a hundred selfies to prove it.


We stayed with our friend, Brandon, who was so incredibly gracious to allow us to stay in his apartment free of charge. We were located right in the heart of everything so it truly made our stay 100 x more amazing.

Our drive was about 6 hours. Working in the Twin Cities, where I am from, I must admit, I thought the Chicago traffic wouldn’t faze me; but oh, was I wrong! Like pure insanity! F word life threatening.

We arrived around three pm, which was kind of a bummer specifically because we were really looking foward to getting a tan but it didn’t matter once we laid our eyes on our pool.


I would have laid out even if it was 10 o’clock at night, 50 degrees and raining just to say I got to lay out at this pool. Pictures don’t do this baby justice. It was beautiful. Simply beautiful. However, sadly we wouldn’t see the sun again till we returned back home.



Our first night we went to a roof top overlooking the city at the Godfrey Hotel. It was the perfect way to be introduced to the city. I don’t know if it was the first night of vacay high I was on, the weather or the vodka waters I was downing but I was loving everything about this night and this spot. The people were exciting, the atmosphere was cool and although the drinks were as expensive as you would assume, the air was electric and I was feeling it…until I couldn’t feel my feet from under me and needed to catch a cab back to the loft around ten pm. Yes.. 10 pm. But in my defense I was up at 5:30 am and my adrenaline was pumping… girl got tired.


 I know you’re all wondering about the boobie dress. I know, because anyone who walks past these pictures on my desk at work asks… “How The Hell Did Your Boobs Not Fall OUT!?!?” Adhesive bras don’t work when you got murder weapons like me.. adhesive pasties do. So theres a helpful little tip for all my big boobie ladies. The dress was purchased at Marshals about a month ago and its as comfy as it looks fancy. 🙂

.Tourist life.

The Hangover Cure

Miss Ricky’s

Oh Miss Ricky’s. Where Do I begin with the little diner that took my breath away.  Okay, so maybe I was still a little intoxicated from the night before so I was extra excited, and I might be a little over dramatic when I talk about it, but it really was a sweet spot. Let’s start with how we found this little gem shall we? We were hungover and it was 10:30 AM.. And for some odd reason, places in Chicago (or maybe just where we were) close down for a half hour to transition from Breakfast to Lunch… K, have you ever heard of brunch people?? Well at least Miss Ricky’s has, and thank God for them for being so well basic girl educated, because us basic girls need our brunches. We were greeted instantly by a female in the most darling dress; I thought she just had some mad style…but turned out that it’s their uniform. “Hi um excuse me Miss Ricky.. may I.. raid your closet?”


We took a seat in a larger booth near the window. In-vision an old school diner, but not only are you getting a milkshake and burger, you’re also getting bloodies, mac and cheese, stuffed something or other and so on. The menu was smaller but it’s a diner so I wouldn’t expect anything more. And although I don’t know about the rest of the food on the menu (though I wish I did)…. my meal was the true definition of delich.  I went for the Miss Ricky burger without bacon because contrary to what everyone believes, not every American loves bacon, a side salad and an appetizer cup of tomato soup. To drink… do we have any guesses? “BLODDY PLEASE extra spicy” ; ) “whose hungover?”.. Slowly raises hand

11390002_10155676413205297_3052617215494975591_n 1560390_10155676413250297_566961591344803778_n

Now I am no food critic. In fact I will eat just about anything except for bacon. A burger is a burger to me. A salad is a salad to me and normally the only bloodies I can actually finish are the ones I make myself at a bloody bar.. Food is just not something I’m passionate about although you would think it would be by the way I eat. So writing about this stuff isn’t much of my forte however the over all experience of Miss Ricky’s was worth writing about.

My bloody, although a whopping 12 dollars (if I remember correctly) for a small glass, was the best bar made bloody I’ve ever had. So good I could have been sober to enjoy it. It didn’t come with a pickle, but who needs a pickle with a lettuce chunk like that anyways? My soup came in a cup and it was the perfect starter to my meal. I am a hard core soup girl. All about comfort foods and soup is at the top of my list. So it highly exceeded my expectations! The burger…I hate to say it, I wish I would have been able to enjoy it more but my vodka waters were slowly starting to creep up. Luckily, the one bite I was capable of taking was memorable enough on it’s own.. I don’t know what kind of special sauce they were working with but them sneaky little guys know how to make a girly happy. Lastly, save the best for last obvs…. The salad. (I know right? the salad? the best part?) um yea…  I don’t know what it was… I don’t remember what kind of dressing I asked for.. and I honestly don’t know what kind of dressing I got… but this salad was the CEO of all salads… tasted like rich people. So Miss Ricky if you read this.. please enlighten a fan.


Ok, so food aside, in all honesty I probably wouldn’t have added Miss Ricky to this entry if it weren’t for the customer service, which was by far the best customer service I received my entire stay in Chicago. Shout out to Croy, our handsome server with incredible Treseme hair and the management there as well as the Virgin Hotels Staff which was connected to the diner itself. You all are rock stars.

Ps come pop a squat near the Mall Of America. You guys would do great there.

For more and better, not so adhd food reviews and recipes visit my girlfriend’s blog at

After brunch and a good buzz we trolled around in typical tourist style, rocking ponchos, spending money on unnecessary items, taking pictures of anything and everything. I even knocked a goal off the god ol bucket list – I flicked the bean…  You know the giant mirrored bean statue!

11377329_10155641212570297_6252755830147086367_n  11390320_10155676413835297_6677501599880785375_n 11391727_10155676414200297_8713743627480715667_n

And then this happened

11401105_10155676415465297_3784231156246205208_n 11390275_10155676416215297_4992320259101063325_n  11329813_10155676415030297_7034797273825062071_n

Yea this




Dylan’s Candy bar- K, this here..  without exaggeration, was a taste of heaven! As in I could literally lick these pictures right now everything was so good. This wasn’t your typical candy store, this had merchandise, ice cream and alcohol.. The name doesn’t lie, it is in fact a bar as well as a store and I didn’t order a bloody mary or vodka water either.

The service here was also wonderful. Not one person was unfriendly or unhelpful. Probably because they work in heaven and are surrounded in tasty awesomness. I would be friendly all the time too.



Ugh ok…… I said it. And it hurt to say it but in light of the game and where I was I’ll say it again.. HAWKEY.

Midwesterner’s love them some hockey, there’s no secret in that. There’s also no secret that the Chicago Blackhawks are a really good team and that Minnesota Wild fans can’t stand them. Sure, some of us might be salty over the fact that not only do Chi Towners get Dylan’s Candy Bar but the Chicago Blackhawks as well. And sure… some of us might have an FU attitude over the fact that they have simply just won too many times but there are also some of us who actually have a pretty plausible reason behind our dislike for the Chicago Blackhawks …. I mean, I’m not going to talk about that, just because I might not know what those reasons are exactly..but wait why am I even explaining myself.

We don’t like the Hawks… I don’t like the Hawks. I am a Minnesota Wild fan and that’s all I’ll ever be!

So you can imagine how excited I was to celebrate finals night in Chi town with a buncha Hawkey “fans” I use the term fans loosely only because the team spirit there was weak. For a team that is so good, I just expected more from their fans. But every time the hawks scored a goal it was like a little bitty “wooo”… Like they were happy, but were not surprised. It wasn’t until the final goal and end of the game where I finally was pleased with their reaction. All that team rivalry aside it made for a really good night. Missing Lana of course was a downer but on the plus side I got to spend my last night with all of the new friends I made.


We woke upNot so flawless. And our drive home was quiet as you can imagine, giving me plenty of time to reflect on our trip. I had an incredible time, met incredible people and saw incredible things. I also grew a much greater appreciation for my City back home. Who knew that driving six hours could help me find myself and find that myself was actually already where it belonged, home.


Did that even make sense? Did I just become a poet? If you read this entire thing, bless your heart & thank you for stopping by.

XO Cass


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