DIY Tassel Garland; party or home decor


One of my new favorite home & party decor trends is tassel garland. When I came across a few photos on Pinterest of this stuff I just absolutely loved it. It’s fun, pretty & summery so what better time then now to show you guys how to make your own.

Did you guys know this $3.00 project is for real running anywhere between 10 to 20 dollars on Etsy? I mean FOR REAL. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that what you would be ordering online isn’t worth your buck… ugh yes k yes I am. Spare your money people this project literally took me one trip to the dollar store and 30 minutes of my time. And it was worth it. I completely love my finished product.


I personally only spent 3 dollars total since I already own a glue gun, sticks and scissors. So what you spend will also vary on what you already have.Ā What you need:

Glue gun/ glue sticks



Tissue paper

What you do:

– I chose 2 colors and 1 pattern for my tissue paper. You can use as many colors/ patterns as you would like. I cut each piece of tissue paper separately.

-Lay tissue paper out and fold in half Lengthwise

-Fold widthwise

-Then fold lengthwise again


-Once folded three times, cut lengthwise strips leaving 2 inches of space at top. Make sure you are leaving two inches on the fold, I learned this the hard way. I repeat DON’T CUT THE FOLD


-Unfold your piece


-Cut widthwise into four sections. One sheet of tissue paper will give you four tassels.


-Starting with your first piece, roll. try to not tangle your fringe while you roll.


-Once rolled twist until it forms a loop. Glue your loop into place




There’s plenty of useful things to make of your new tassles like.. Hair weave, Simba wig, ducky dynasty beard, TUTUS or pom poms. These tassles also make for great cat toys too. (rolls eyes)


Or you could just use it for Decor. I needed 24 pieces to make a shorter garland.

I cut a piece of twine and knotted two loops on each end. I slid each piece onto the twine and this is what I ended up with šŸ™‚ UM HELLO LOVE


One of the ways to use your garland is for party decor. Which is awesome because it’s super chic, super cheap and super unique. Leaving you more money for food, booze and CAKE. Hang from walls, tables, you name it, hang it.


The second way to use your garland is as every day home decor. I framed mine and loved it. It added such a fun touch to our dining room. Remember that just because it’s made of paper doesn’t mean it can’t be used as more than just a party accessory. Hang your tassels above your bed, in your office cube or on the patio for the summer. You can also use fabric for this project using the same steps.

10418387_10155714212460297_5395449882221800755_n (1)

And there you have it. My new (thus far) favorite summer DIY. I hope I’ve inspired you to create your own or something like it. Thank you so much for reading. Happy almost official day of summer.

XO Cass


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