Liebster Award


Hello Hello, I’m back again but this time I won’t be sharing much on DIY’s, drinking or word vomit on the other nights cringe worthy episode of the Bachelorette which speaking of….. IAN!!! I hate Ian. ( insert puke, eye roll, peace sign emoji here. ) But that is another topic for another time. Today I am super excited and honored to say that my new blogging bud Tay nominated me for the Liebster Award.

 What is this Liebster award who created it and “am I pronouncing liebster in my head correctly” you ask? Click here  for all the details and rules. Here are the same Q’s from Tay’s blog with my A’s. Basically I am talking all about myself.. Meaning 90 percent of this will only be read by my mom and dad. Which is cool… but for the rest of you please make sure to at least check out my Nominees below. These are just a few my favorite blogs that I follow. Click their links to see why.

Let’s Do this shall we???.. No peer pressure.

10 FUN Facts about MUAH. ME. I. Myself.

– My favorite scent is sun screen, gasoline and yup, bug spray.

-I never admit to farting. Who came up with that hideous word anyways.. I toot. It’s a toot.

-When I drink I break dance. Unless like, my boyfriends grandparents are around or something then I would try to stay classy and moon walk only.

– I always thought I would be a wedding planner or interior designer. They’re still goals of mine today.

– I got my first french kiss at the roller rink….. Then demanded my friend to give me her laffy taffy so I could get the taste of the pizza he was saving for later in his braces out of my mouth…. Then he got offended by that and broke up with me.. so I threw an ice cube at his forehead which made him bleed profusely.

-I was in 7th grade when I got my first french kiss

– I talk in my sleep

– I snort when I laugh

-The first big word I ever learned to say was copacetic. I was five

– I was born on 2-22 in Room 222.. so you guessed it my lucky numbers are 2 & 22

BONUS: I know 10 facts about Taylor Swift that a lot of other people don’t.


1. If you could wake up tomorrow with the education, skills, and certifications necessary to perform any job, what would you choose for your new career and why? 

The president.

Um because I would be the president…

2. What is your favorite thing to blog about and why?

I’m so new to the blogging world and have so many things I wold like to eventually get to that at this point this is a hard question for me to answer. My blog primarily focuses on DIY, crafts & interior design. I’ve ventured off into a few other rambles and will continue to do so here and there but the truth is I just love writing in general. I am not necessarily good in a grammatically correct sense. My sentences could use some cleaning up and truthfully I hardly proof read anything I put out but the creative side of writing is a passion of mine.

To put it mildly, If I am writing about it then I am passionate about it. There is no favoritism over my passions truthfully. The reason I say that is because making time for my passions can be hard while balancing a 9-5, family, friends and boyfriend. But I guess to answer this question solely based on the title and theme of my blog and brand I would have to say that my favorite thing to blog about is my home and DIY projects.

3. What do you do to recharge and get back into the blogging frame of mind?

I don’t think I am actually ever not in a blogging frame of mind. I honestly have a lot to talk about, twenty four seven. My mind is always going and if you ask my friends, since I’ve started the blog I blurt out “this is going on the blog” at least once during every conversation. I’m sure most bloggers can relate. I have drafts everywhere, my work computer, home laptop, posted notes, cell phone.. I have ideas everywhere. I mainly start writing the good stuff right when it comes to me or right after finishing a project or redecorating a room and then go back and fill in the grey areas later with some stupid jokes. I guess for instance my Chicago trip, I had so many great ideas and things I wanted to say while I was on my trip but once I got home my mind was blank.

My best writing doesn’t need a quiet room, ambient radio or cup of coffee for that matter. I just have to simply be inspired in that moment. Certain tactics that help inspire me are other blogs. I was an active blog reader before even starting my own blog. Mostly bigger well known names and then some that I found on Pinterest like Blue Mountain Belle whom I will be nominating later along with others. Also I find it better to start writing as soon as I finish a craft or DIY. Even before editing pictures. Sometimes even before starting the project itself. If I have an idea of what I want it to look like and have a pretty good idea of how I am going to make that happen then I start writing right away.

4. What is one thing in your life that you’ve gotten to experience that you wish everyone else could experience as well? 

Living alone.

This might sound odd to some people because this shouldn’t be an uncommon experience. Sure our generation has become much more independent than our parents or their parents generation. Instead of turning 18 and marrying right away were more focused on college and finding ourselves before moving in and settling down with someone. WHICH I LOVE. But if you think about it, the norm for young adults these days is to leave your parents nest to a dorm room, to a house with college friends, to a city apartment with a friend to then finding a significant other and moving in with them…. Honestly these days it’s not abnormal for twenty somethings to be still living at home with their parents even. I am 24 years old and I can only count the amount of friends who actually do or have ever for that matter lived alone. Maybe two hands if I include some acquaintances.

It’s not that I am bashing the whole roomie thing at all. If you would have asked me two years ago I would have said I would prefer to live with a friend over living alone just because I enjoy company. But when my parents finally forced me back out of the house (because I eventually moved back home after the roomie scene) I think the best thing I could have done for myself after the situation I was in (not a very pretty one) was to move into some place I could call my own. Something I didn’t have to share. Something I could grow with and be prideful over because it would be mine and mine alone. You learn some incredible things about yourself when you live alone

There are so many bonuses that come with living by yourself too, the decor freedom, air drying naked freedom, messy or clean freedom, the freedom to be in a bitchy mood whenever you want, freedom to hookup with an ugly guy without your roomate judging if you want, the I left the door un locked over night and no one can get mad at me freedom.. there is so much freedom. But that’s not even the half of it. I wasn’t just building a tiny ass one bedroom home for myself. I was building self esteem, confidence, independence. 

 That’s what I wish everyone could experience.

5. Who is inspiring you at the moment and why?

Everyone whose liked and commented on my DIY’s before I started blogging and whose even continued to after. Prior to Half Ass Chic Crafts I would share all of my stuff on social media, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. I’ve had good friends, acquaintances and people I hardly know message me telling me that i am actually good. People who have reached out to me really made me feel capable of doing more and it’s people who have gone out of there way to message me or ask me for my ideas or opinion on something. Also feedback, the friends and family who have taken the time to come and actually check out what I am doing let alone read my novels and comment or share. It’s those people who have been inspiring me to keep going with my vision. With my passion. I’m very grateful to be surrounded by people who support my weekend addiction to the DIY lifestyle.

6. What is the best meal you’ve ever eaten?

Grandmothers meatloaf

damnit.. I need an or.. can I get an or please?



click the link if you live in the twin cities, order and thank me later.

7. Describe your perfect day.

 I guess I would get to sleep in and I would wake up to a perfectly clean home and my cats would be calm and snuggly without pawing at my face or attacking my feet the whole time. I would get to snuggle the boy as long as we wanted. I would start with eggs & ketchup and some tea that suddenly makes you drop thirty pounds and then I would open up my closet to suddenly see Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe! .. I guess I would like to do something outside because it would be a perfect summer day roughly 75 no clouds. Maybe wear a swim suit since I all of the sudden have this rockin bod. Jakob would listen to my country music without complaining, we would win the lottery, I would call and leave my boss an obnoxious voicemail that I quit and then I would buy a yacht and then get drunk on that yacht and invite all of my friends and my family and we would all get drunk on my yacht.

Perfection isn’t realistic.

Realistically how do you even define the perfect day though with only 24 hours…

8. What is one modern convenience that you could really not live without?

I mean I suppose my phone.. seeing as these days you can do everything on it. But if were getting all specific here… I would say a GPS system. Because I get lost walking.

9. What is one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you?

I used to not like cats………

10. If a movie were made about your life, who would be best cast to play you?

Taylor Swift.. obviously. She played in Valentines Day… and got my 16 year old self down to a T.

11. Who should read your blog and why?

NOT grammar nazis that’s for sure. And probably not people who are easily offended by profanity.

I’m like your modern day chick, so I would like to attract other modern day chicks and dicks who are real people just like me. I chose the name half ass chic crafts not because I believe that you should live your life or create anything half assed but because nothing needs to be perfect.

Here’s a fun way to tell if my blog is right for you to follow. Draw an imaginary circle around any word that makes you feel all fuzzy inside. If you circle more than five words then you’re in the right place. 😉

Design     color    creative    texture    humor   create   girly    crafts    crafty    paint    sparkles    cats    beauty    basic    antique    art    chic    cheeky    shabby    entertainment    pinterest     lovely    cozy    classy    wine    lace    DIY    original    unique    style

I nominate :

Before I nominate I want to remind everyone that this is simply voluntary. I participated not just because I was nominated but because I love the idea of spreading love to other bloggers (people I’ve just recently discovered and people I have been following for awhile now.) I want to thank Tay again for getting me involved and giving me the opportunity to share more about myself. If I could nominate her again I would. XO

She’s cooked and baked herself right into mine and so many other hearts and she will cook her way into yours. My friend, Emmie at

Recently came across this super cute super inspirational blog a few weeks ago at

I’ve mentioned her before but I love

Last but not least the fashionista cuties that I am so glad I started following the

Again it’s not mandatory that you participate, but giving credit where credit is due felt good. 

Thanks for reading I will be back in a few days with a new project.

xo Cass


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