Fathers Day candy jars gift idea


Today we celebrated the first men in our lives. The original super heros. I don’t know about you guys but I find my dad to be the most difficult person to DIY a gift for. It’s like his birthday rolls around….

“Dad what do you want”

“my car washed, the dog shit picked up from the yard, my shower scrubbed..”

Um…. yea f that. DIY’s are fun.. not manual labour. Which is why instead of agreeing to be his slave for a day I decided to copy a cute and tasty DIY I found on Pinterest awhile back. Original link click here for other gift ideas I’ve found check out my pinterest page, gift board.


– Jars I purchased mine from the Dollar Store

– Black placement cards or sitckers Target

– Chalk board permanent marker Target

– Candy


– My dad’s always been defensive over the candy he brings into the house, mostly because I was a hormonal fat ass which in MY DEFENSE .. I was PMSING.. and hungry… and either really sad or really happy like all the time? Now that I am out of the house though, his candy is slightly safer so I thought it would be cute to make him his very own “stache”

Looking back I wish I would have gotten the stickers instead of the placement cards as it would have made wrapping his over all gift a lot easier.


 I wanted it to be easy for him to remove the cards so the jars could easily be washed and reused later. But if I could go back now I would have just hole punched and tied them around the tops of the jar with ribbon instead.

10488189_10155740729295297_7793975340480394396_n (1)

In the link above, ThoughtsfromAlice actually provides you with free prinables however I wanted my gift to be all me. So I picked up these black cards and chalk board markers from Target in the craft and party section.

I filled the jars up with some of my dad’s favorite candy and hot glued the placement cards onto the front of each one. He absolutely loved it. 🙂

Another idea I stole was “the best pop in the world” gift which was also inspired by Pinterest.


My dad love’s the classic coke from a bottle and I knew he was sure to love this.

I hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day and were able to take care of them for a day like they have taken care of you. Thanks for reading

XO Cass


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