Bachelorette Recap; Why I’m still #TEAMKAITLYN


Ughh, where do I begin.

Can I just say I am entirely annoyed with the whole rose ceremony process this season or should I say lack there of? And these dates? What are some of these dates? The funeral? Foundling in a church with NICK out of all people NICK!!.. Everything about this season has just been a serious disappointment and I am about to tell you why. First I wan’t to say that up until tonight I have been extremely positive about all of the changes made this season. If you would like a recap on my thoughts Click Here

Now before I go where everyone thinks I am about to go let me throw some shock factor every ones way and say no, I am not about to slut shame Kaitlyn like the rest of the world is right now. She’s not tasteless for getting caught up in a moment with a man she was falling for, people are tasteless for slut shaming someone they only know on television. Let alone slut shaming from behind a computer screen on sources like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.. SHAME ON YOU. My mom made a very good point to me earlier saying when these girls are truly trying to find their husbands she’s surprised it doesn’t happen more often. SPOT ON MOM.. Because think about how much alcohol they are feeding to these cast members and the romantic settings they have them in. And on top of that you world; as viewers, are expecting her to get engaged in what? A damn six week process .. and you expect her to be miss innocent? Hell no.. I am sorry but if you expect me to get on a show, fall in love and be engaged to a man I met six months prior, I’m going to make out with as many guys as possible. So to everyone bashing Kaitlyn you all need a good reality check. That doesn’t mean I am not disappointed in Kaitlyn because Monday after Monday I’ve been slowly disliking her more as the Bachelorette however part of me wonders how much of that stems from how shitty her pick of guys are. I mean really, these guys suck, accept for maybe like four of them. Before I dig a little deeper I would like to talk about those guys and personally offer a rose to each one.


First let’s all LOL together at this picture.


SHAWN B Or Calvin Harris?? …….  I honestly can’t tell. Shawn is sensitive, attractive, honest and up front with his feelings which I can appreciate. And he really really really likes her. I wish Kaitlyn would just stop shitting around and just pick Shawn already for tits sake.

320.1x1 (1)

BEN H Who ever knew that talking about the female anatomy could be sexy.. I didn’t until Ben H taught a bunch of eleven year olds what happens when a male and female decide they want to bow chicka wowow. This wholesome, genuine gorgeous man is my personal pick. I wouldn’t mind tuning in again if ABC made this gorgeous face the next Bachelor, hell I might apply to go on myself.

320.1x1 (2)

BEN Z I’m really feeling Ben Z’s vibes. He exudes a cool, collective, I got my shit together feel and is one of the few that doesn’t creep me out.

320.1x1 (3)

CUPCAKE BECAUSE HE ROLLED UP IN A FRICKEN CUPCAKE SPACE SHIP. Honestly what’s his real name even? Sure I get the creep vibe but he has perfect teeth and he’s hilarious so I would like to see him stick around for a home town date personally.


320.1x1 (4)

JARED you know I don’t want to be that negative blog that bashes people, Especially after I just got done telling people to be ashamed for bashing Kaitlyn. But I know I am not the only one who get’s a really uncomfortable vibe from Jared. I’m sure he’s a really great guy and has a lot to offer a women, I just, get uncomfortable watching him on television.

320.1x1 (5)

JJ I feel bad for JJ because I think Clint kind of ruined everyone’s opinion on him two episodes ago. I don’t actually think JJ was by any means in love with Clint but still even with all of that bromance aside, he really lacks personality. A babe for sure but an absolute SNOOZER on the show.

320.1x1 (6)

NICK V I am positive the only reason he is on the show is because the producers realized how shitty their pick of guys were and they were looking for anyone to make things semi interesting this season. And who better than the attention seeking NICK. As far as all of his sexcapades go, I can’t bash people for slut shaming Kaitlyn and then turn around and slut shame Nick. So I’ll just.. stop here.

And the biggest douche bag award goes to, drum roll please………



               Watch Ian’s biggest tool of the year speech here


Follow me on instagram @HalfAssCrafts where my spelling is clearly just as good there as it is here.

Listen I am well aware of the damage good tv editing can do to a persons five seconds of fame but that was not editing. For such a “intellectual” human being, Ian sure is a space cadet. Where was his intelligence when he was using tonights speech to win himself the spot of the next Bachelor?


Before I end I must admit I really am surprised with the backlash this season has been getting. I know I myself am slightly let down but that’s just with the guys in general. Why is everyone else complaining though? People have even been going as far as comparing Kaitlyn to Juan Pablo, which to me is absolutely hysterical. I mean by no means is Kaitlyn this years Emily Maynard but in comparison to Deseree for instance at least Kaitlyn has a personality. Who cares if she’s having sex and crying, it makes for good reality television. I don’t know about you all but I was getting bored of the whole 30 minute date, 20 minute commercial break, 30 minute date, 20 minute commercial break, 30 minute same old bullshit, 20 minute commercial break, 5 minute rose ceremony, wait 7 days and repeat. Even with all of these random rose ceremonies and people sending themselves home I have to hand it to ABC for finally keeping me awake past 8 PM.

 Am I let down? Yea a little, only because I was team both Kaitlyn and Britt this season so I was really hoping she would come out proving to everyone that she was the better pick. Which makes me think if Kaitlyn weren’t thrown into this entire predicament with the whole two bachelorettes scenario, would the world really be criticizing her this much?

Well that’s all for this evening. I do apologize if my writing wasn’t up to par tonight, I am out of wine…

Thanks again for reading 🙂

XO Cass


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