DIY Statement Mirrors


Do you know what absolutely blows my mind? The price I would pay if I purchased these online or at a boutique. In fact as I made my way through Hobby Lobby the other night I caught myself gawking at all the cute shit with 50 dollar price tags and thought “I could make this for less then ten dollars though..” I get it crafting isn’t for everyone and not everyone is living on a tight budget but I am. So last night at the dollar store while looking at frames for another project I came across these mirrors. 1 hour and 3 dollars later, my statement mirrors were complete.

What You Need


Clear Glue (I used mod podge but either will work)

Spray Paint

your image print

scissors, tape, Q tips, cup with water

Mirror (however you may display your image on pretty much anything you would like)


What You Do

First clean your mirror, You will want your platform as clean as possible.

11403410_10155759717320297_2434783690104715383_nGoogle your image. For mine I used the state of Minnesota. You know, where my heart is. 😉 …Print your image onto a piece of paper and cut to make a stencil.

Center and tape image onto mirror and use tape to hold in place. I used painters tape because it’s easy to peal off without leaving residue 11659314_10155759717390297_2110654155077873468_n

Center and tape image in place on the mirror. Hold spray paint can a few inches away from the image and lightly spray while holding down any edges down so that is does not leak outside of the lines of your image.

Wait about a minute then peal your stencil back. I was worried that the spray paint might leak through the paper but it did not. Give it a few minutes to let the paint dry.

Once dry, lightly paint the edges of your image first. I used two types of paint brushes for this method, one small and one medium small size.  I used the smaller brush for the edges and the medium small for the center.



I recommend having a separate paint brush for glitter as going back and fourth with the the two can get very messy. My trick was to apply the glue, wait a few minutes so that it barely dries and then apply the glitter. When applying make sure to dab not stroke.


If you glitter outside of the lines, use your q tips and water cup to help create clean lines.

When you’re done, spray lightly over the image with setter. You can also use hair spray which surprisingly works just as well.


AND WALLAAAAAA! Your much cheaper etsy project is complete.

As for words, what I did was use a marker to write what I wanted it to say and then trace over it with the glue and glitter. But if you would like to use printed lettering or purchase stenciled letters that works just as well.



Also for fun and because I had extra mirrors for trial and error scenarios, I attempted and succeeded my own kiss mark. I used bright pink lipstick and gave my mirror a little sixth grade lip action, then mod podged and glittered it the same way I did with the words.


As you can see, I got a little excited and forgot to clean around my words right away, Make sure you take the time to consistently clean around your image/words to keep your platform clean. This is more important when you are working on a mirror.

Well that’s it! I am using my images for my work hell hole… I mean cubical. Stay tuned to see the finished product along with everything I added to my home away from home in a DIY Office Decor Haul.

If my idea has inspired you to create your own or something like it please tag me on instagram @Casskell2 or twitter @halfasscrafts so I can check out your creation. Let’s inspire one another. 🙂 thank you for reading.

XO Cass


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