An AMERICAN Haul & Ultimate 4th Of July Playlist

It’s time to get RED, WHITE & BOOZED people. Cause let’s face it.. What’s more American then getting drunk, wearing red white and blue while setting off explosives?! … Nothing. Throw some food and a body of water in there and we got ourselves the biggest party in the nation. So in light of the Holiday weekend I wanted to share the ultimate American party playlist, DIY’s and what I’ll be wearing for our Nations greatest holiday.

What I’ll be wearing

Pool & Boating


11141356_10155783152455297_3195272137392465053_nNow; I am no tiny thing like I was in my prime. It’s like you’re not only broke and miserable when you’re 24 but you also are forced to accept the fact that your metabolism has lost it’s mind and work ethic… So you can imagine how pleased I was to see that high wasted swim suit bottoms were back in style.

Finding the perfect swim suit, especially if you aren’t completely comfortable in your own skin can take time and a hell of a lot of effort. ESPECIALLY if you’re top heavy like I am. So you wouldn’t be surprised to know that this isn’t a matching set.

The skirt I purchased at Burlington and was the perfect pool side accessory. It hides one of my insecurities and it’s adorable and chic. Maxi high wasted skirts have actually been this summers most recent trend that I have spotted on social media.

Fireworks & Night Life



From the water to the lawn..

For the fireworks this year I plan to go all out. Ok well maybe not Will Ferrel all out but I do plan to add a little America to my outfit in true basic bitch fashion. For bottoms I will be wearing high wasted cut offs that I actually personally cut and distressed about a year ago from an old pair of pants.

The top is not quite a crop top cause Lord knows I couldn’t pull that off but just about. I purchased it a week ago from Forever21

As for the flower crown, this is a crown I hand made last year for the fourth out of wire from Joan Fabrics, hot glue & flowers from the dollar store. A crown like this could easily be 20 dollars if purchased from the store but I made mine under 5 dollars. Which Is why I have put together a quick how to. All supplies can be purchased from the dollar store except the gun.


Now before I dive into details I should point out this crown I made for the blog is slightly different from the one I made a year ago. The only real difference is the crown itself. Instead of the cheaper wire purchased from the dollar store I purchased floral wire from Joan Fabrics/Michales, the kind you can cut with a pair of scissors not the tough kind. I cut 3 strands that fit around my head plus a little extra in length and braided the 3 pieces to make 1. I then safetied the back with hot glue and floral tape.

For this version though I purchased the floral wire from the dollar store and cut the leaves as they felt a little too over powering. I made sure to leave a little wire to make the vine appear to be more realistic.


I then separated the flowers from their stems and cut the tips to give a flatter surface

. Once my false flowers were cut I then laid them around the wire so I could get a good vision of what type of pattern I wanted. In this case Red, White & blue (obviously) and then hot glued them one by one.


To avoid jabbing into my scalp I added floral tape to the backs and hot glued the strips in place.


And there you have it a super easy, super cheap, last minute patriotic flower crown.

Day face


For my day time look I will be wearing next to nothing so I can flop around in the pool like a mermaid without looking like a crying drunk girl on cocaine… My favorite product for my face is Origins nude and improved bare face make up with SPF15. This stuff evens out my skin while protecting it. For eyes, I of course went with a waterproof based mascara from covergirl in the brown black shade for a more natural look. To finish it off I will be applying Burts Bees lip shimmer chapstick in a berry red color for MERICA!

Night face


It’s the fourth of July people ..of course I will be contouring. Especially this year as the weather is said to be staying in the mid 70s at night which is just cool enough to wear a full face of make up comfortably. Now this is certainly not my daily routine set of makeup. I would be broke if that were the case. These are however my weekend go to’s for a night out.


For foundation I always wear clinque’s perfectly real makeup. This stuff goes on like butta…which is actually a terrible analogy because no one want’s to have a butter face but you get what I am saying. This stuff is roughly 35 bucks at a Sephora which is pretty pricey for a smaller bottle but well worth your money. This stuff is also a great substitute for concealer.

Speaking of concealer, Me and everyone I know is obsessed with Maybelline’s age rewind concealer. I’m no beauty blogger at all but it’s been talked about by all of the major beauty youtubers such as Carli Bybel and Lauren Curtis. Talk about a major drug store movement.



Another product that needs to be talked about before I get into more MERICA stuff is Too Faced, Better Than Sex Mascara. This stuff has changed the mascara game especially for someone like me who has absolutely no eye lashes AT ALL. And I mean like none.. like I need to wake up 10 minutes earlier everyday just to get a slight bit of volume on these puppies. When a girlfriend of mine introduced me to this stuff on our trip to Chicago my life was changed. It dramatically adds volume and length in just a few swipes and doesn’t leave my lashes feeling too heavy or dry at all. Stop what your doing, head to Sephora or ULTA or online and buy it now. NOW……………………….!


Forever 21’s Mega Color Sticks needs to be talked about as well. Coming from a girl who loved Mac lipstick and only Mac lipstick for roughly a year I have to say that I am no longer a mac lip stick wearer. Actually not even a mac lipstick advocate anymore. There is no clumping with these and although the color doesn’t always last as long, it feels smooth on your lips almost like chapstick so really, what’s the problem with re applying here and there?


The last product I want to talk about before moving on is a good makeup setter. In this case Clinique’s blending powder. As long as you’re wearing a makeup setter at the end of the night then you are good to go but I highly recommend this stuff for anyone who is looking into purchasing a higher quality one. It’s roughly 25 dollars at any Macy’s, Sephora or Ulta stores and will keep your face looking bombshell worthy for hours. Especially in the summer time while you are outside taking in the fireworks.. or let’s face the real reason why I love this stuff.. for when I’m sloppy drunk playing beer pong sweaty and falling over. At least my makeup is still on point.

What I’ll be partying with


Since this year we will be housesitting and having people over for pool and grilling, I was unable to really take advantage of all the fourth inspired DIY decor I had in mind. Which was truly unnecessary for a pool shindig anyways. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t get festive in other small ways. I will be displaying straws and utensils in mason jars with festive bandanas and  I purchased 4th themed plates, cups, shot glasses and napkins from the dollar store. Another small but fun thing I put together is a miniature patriotic photo booth set up. I mean not like I have a fancy camera or anything but that’s what Iphones are for.  I made some quick and easy photo props that were basically free and For a back drop I made another tassel garland.- For a quick how to Click Here


For these cute photo props I printed images I found online and cut them out on top of construction paper to help make the images less flimsy. I then glued the images onto popsicle sticks I purchased at the dollar store and walla, cute fun photo props for you and your drunk friends. Drunk people love pictures. Especially drunk girls.

You can also purchase or make your own cute chalk boards for people to write funny sayings on.

What I’ll be listening to


There is only one thing I am passionate about other than crafts, cats & design and that is MUSIC. I live for playlists. Holiday playlists, Break up playlists, workout playlists, party playlists. You’re feeling something? I got a playlist for it. You’re going somewhere Specific? I got a playlist for that too. So this year for the Fourth Of July I decided I would share my patriotic playlist with all of you.


4th Of July (Fireworks) – Kelis

American You- Yelawolf

American Dream- MKTO

Fourth Of July- Fall Out Boy

American – Lana Del Rey

AMERICA- Mackelmore

Free Fallin’- Tom Petty

Free Fallin’- John Mayer (Matoma & Nelsaan Tropical Mojito REMIX

National Anthem- Lana Del Ray

American Girl – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Boy’s Of Summer- DJ Sammy

American Baby- Dave Matthews Band

Made In America- Cimorelli

American Oxygen- Rhianna

Kids Of America- Foo Fighters

Young In America- Danielle Bradberry

AMERICA- Imagine Dragons

Drunk Americans- Toby Keith

Made In The USA- Demi Lovato

American Girl- Bonnie Mckee

Lovers On The Sun- David Guetta

Ride- Lana Del Ray

Born To Run- Bruce Springsteen

American Kids – Kenny Chesney

Wagon Wheel- Old Crow Medicine Show

Pledge Allegiance To The Hag- Eric Church

Born In The USA- Bruce Springsteen

Dani California- Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Summertime- Kenny Chesney

Jack And Diane- John Mellencamp

Courtesy Of The Red, White & Blue- Toby Keith

American Beauty American Psycho- Fall Out Boy

July July- The Decemerists

All Summer Long- Kid Rock

Fire Work – Katy Perry

Tequila- The Champs

American Honey- Lady A

Summer – Calvin Harris

Sun Daze – FGL

Keg In The Closet- Kenny Chesney

American Woman- Lenny Kravitz

The Weekend- Eden XO

Show Me Love (america) – The Wanted

American Saturday Night- Brad Paisley

It’s America – Rodney Adkins

Made In America – Toby Keith

Cowboy- Kid Rock

Independence Day- Martina Mcbride

Margaritaville- Jimmy Buffet

The Pina Colada Song (escape) – Rupert Holmes

All American Girl- Carrie Underwood

R.O.C.K In The USA- John Mellencamp

And CRINGE WORTHY but we all have to admit it’s the ultimate 4th anthem…

Party In The USA- Miley

And there you have it, My ultimate USA haul and fourth of July playlist. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my plans and could use something I have shared with you here today to add to your festivities this weekend.

Be tipsy, Be Free, Be safe!

Thanks for reading

XO Cass


6 thoughts on “An AMERICAN Haul & Ultimate 4th Of July Playlist

  1. Great post! I’ve been wanting to make my own cut-off shorts for a while now but I don’t really know how to get them started…How did you distress yours? They look super cute!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks girl! I cut right under where the pocket ends so you could see them hang and then made slits with a box cutter. I also used that to lightly fray it. it looks like a hot mess at first but washing it really does the distressed work for ya 🙂


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