This Isn’t The Notebook. It’s 1 Woman & 25 Men; Bachelorette; My Tell All

No I did not get taken out by a firework .. I’ve just been slightly MIA since the fourth. Only because we have been over our heads in home hunting and my oh my has it not been as fun as HGTV makes it look. However I think it’s almost safe to say we have finally found our new home. Stepping out of our apartment hole and moving up into a town home but shit I shouldn’t jinx myself because it’s not quite yet official. So keep everything physically possible to cross, crossed people! We need all the luck we can get. And don’t think there is no incentive for you as my reader.. because a new home for me means ALL NEW HOME DIY DESIGN HEAVIN for you. 😉

So pray for me damnit ! ❤

Alright lets get down to business shall we? I just finished watching the only thing that makes the Bachelorette worth watching…..THE MEN TELL ALL!!!!! And in natural Half Ass Chic Crafts fashion, I Cassie Kelley have a few things to say. So grab your fourth glass of wine and reading glasses, the show might be over but the after party is just beginning.

Kermit/Jackal High/Jaws.. The guy who goes by Corey


Alright lets just get his 2 seconds of fame out of the way with and talk about this opinionated human first. You know what, I’ll give him this… He has more of a right to express his opinion over Kaitlyn then the leeches that troll on social media. Why? because he has seen and spoken to her in the flesh. Even if he wasn’t on the show to make himself known to the public he was given the opportunity to see her beyond what was shown on camera. With that said………. Kermit babe your there to fill the back row and no one really cares that you think Kaitlyn is a slut. We don’t even know your name.

Ian- But Ian bro….. why you gotta be on the ground?


Here’s my issues with Ian tonight. During the beginning of the show every time the screen flashed a glimpse of Ian he looked truly remorseful and embarrassed. It was clear to me that he was ashamed of the ass he made himself out to be… but then after listening to him rant, from the ground I might add.. I think he was just embarrassed that he made an ass of himself in front of America. So he’s not realllllllly sorry for being an ass.. just sorry everyone now knows he’s an ass. The real question I have is… Was he really getting a cramp in his leg when he was “apologizing” to Kaitlyn?

They must not teach how to give a respectable apology at Princeton either.



Is it just me or was I the only one who thought Ryan was that yoga tree hugging guy from the first few episodes?


What is he doing with his hair nowadays? All in all his apology was great. Short, sweet, to the point. So Ian… maybe you wanna learn a few things from captain frat boy.



And the memes and tweets keep coming in…


I gotta say, I see the qualities that Kaitlyn adored about this man. Flash back to when she kicked him off the show and he offered her his coat because she was freezing while standing outside saying Bon Voyage to the poor guy….LIke hello… no you freeze to death and die because you just ripped my heart out for the world to see. That’s what I woulda said!


You know for so long I was so concerned about him.. something about him tipped me off and I think that’s just because that’s what woman do when they witness a true gentleman. K not all woman, but you know younger naive ones who always gotta clump the nice guys with the creepy ones just because they aren’t making you chase. Once he cleaned up that beard I gotta say he makes one beautiful man on the inside as well as the outside. I’m dying to see him find love on this seasons Bachelor in Paradise.

Ben Z & Ben H… –


Why did we have to waste the two Bachelorette/lor on two chicks there wasn’t even controversy over to begin with. It was clear as day that no one really wanted Britt except for a few horned up men. Still love ya Britt but really……… Why couldn’t we have waited for the twist to epically fail next season.. with two real favorites. The Ben’s… Oh The Ben’s. Side tracking but the other day me and Jake ( my boyfriends ) mom were talking about boy names and she had mentioned how she had never met an ugly Charlie which I agreed with……… Who in the hell has ever met an ugly Ben? Because I can say I sure as hell have not. As much as I love Ben Z though, I do believe that the next Bachelor will be Ben H. And we all know why.

Ben H


He makes me feel so many things and I don’t know why. All I do know is that’s why he would make a fantastic Bachelor. I know I am not the only female in America who he’s got feeling lots of things. Can I get an AMEN Ladies.


It sucks though because every year I say “this is the last season I am forcing my brain cells to endure….. and then shit bricks there comes another interesting human… All I know Is, I thought the same things about Juan Pablo too Ben H… Don’t you dare do me like the Juan.



Once again Chris Harrison, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Am I overdramatic if I admit to crying when he said that he would love her to be his children’s role model over a cyber bully? Wake up people!!! Slut shaming wasn’t ok before bachelor nation put Kaitlyn’s most intimate moments on blast and it isn’t ok after the fact. I still don’t understand why it’s such a huge deal in the first place. Sex is a part of romance and this show is supposed to be the most romantic show on television. News flash, Kaitlyn is not the first person to have sex on the show. Remember Juan Pablo in the ocean? Remember Nick’s fantasy sweet bombshell about Andy? There is no way she slept with Nick and then didn’t sleep with the ball player AS WELL!….. These people have sex. And if that’s not obvious to you then you’re naive.

This isn’t The Notebook. It’s 1 woman and 25 men.

Is Kaitlyn my favorite bachelorette? Nah… But she kept me interested longer the Chris Soles did…. Remember Deseree’s season?……. Yea me neither. You think America is gonna remember Kaitlyn? Hell yes. I’m not like some huge advocate for sleeping with a man on national television and not even choosing him (oh come on it’s not like you didn’t know we have all seen the 3 minute snap chat!)  But I am an advocate for strong woman. And she is one damn strong woman for putting up with loud mouth America.

Bachelor In Paradise


I can not wait for this season to be over so I can stop defending Kaitlyn and start indulging in some well over due onion. Yes the onion girl is back along with so many of my favorites cough cough TENLY. Whose gotta be dying to find a husband.. it was years ago she was on the Bachelor and I am ready to see her find a man and start procreating already cause she’s BEAUTIFUL… that came off super creepy which I think might be my cue to call it quits for the night.

Thanks for reading my views on this seasons Men Tell All and be sure to stay tuned for new future home DIY’s and decor here one Half Ass Chic Crafts.

XO Cass


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