Artistry Beer Goggle safe lipgloss

You heard that right… Beer goggle safe lip gloss. It’s a real thing.

Ok maybe not but I think Artistry got pretty damn close if you ask me. You see, Bars and clubs were set up very strategically if you ask me. Dark lighting can make anyone feel sexy even with 5 pounds of makeup dripping down your face because shit….. it’s dark, you’re drunk, Beyonce’s Drunk In Love is playing and if anyone asks, that’s glitter on your face not sweaty foundation. You freaken love this bar lighting until your hammered in a booth with friends and need to reapply your lipgloss. Then you’re like…… “wait where are my lips….. ahh lip gloss in my eye.. lip gloss in my hair.. lip gloss on my cheek.. why so awkward lipgloss?!”

Fear not… Artistry light up lip gloss is here to save the day


Oh look! There’s my lips! 

So maybe that’s not you, maybe that’s just me. But alcohol aside this lips gloss is fantastic for dim lit applying. Think of all the scenarios where this lip gloss could literally be a life saver? Um, the movie theatre, Candle lit dinner, concert, drive in, when your mans in bed kissing up on you  and your like “but first, let me check my lipgloss!” Yes the possibilities with this gloss are endless but aside from the convenience of it I must say it does it’s job when it comes to plumping, cooling and looking oh so luscious. This is a plumper but unlike other lip plumper’s it doesn’t numb my lips. There is a peppermint taste which makes applying it delicious and the light on the wand and mirror on it’s stem make it easy to apply. Over all I give it 4 stars. It’s the perfect touch up tool for a night out.


Artistry Light Up Lip Gloss Click Here


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