DIY Febreeze

I personally go through a lot of febreeze in my home. It’s not that I’m dirty like the commercials but It’s a combination of living with a man, two cats and my obsession with feel good smells. Literally the first thing I do when I get home is spray the place and light a few candles.


So you can imagine how much money I was throwing away on febreeze every trip to the grocery store. Today I want to show you how I made my home smell fresh while saving money with this super easy, super quick, 2 step life hack.

What you need:

Spray Bottle (mine was from the dollar store)

Fabric Softener (choose your favorite smell & favorite brand)


What you do:

When I said two easy steps, I mean I’m about to knock the socks right off your feet with shock factor. Warning mind will be blown.

pour 1/2 a cap of softener into your spray bottle.


Less or more, it’s really what your preference is. Next, fill your spray bottle with hot water. The heat will amplify the smell.


Shake, tag and spray.


I hope you will be surprised with how much your new DIY febreeze actually makes a difference. Thank you again for stopping by. 🙂

xo Cass


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