Flea market find’s & antique treasures


This weekend the junk gypsy in me was wide awake. From antique shopping in Buffalo to finding miscellaneous treasures on my great grandmothers farm in Detroit Lakes.

We were officially approved on the home we wanted a few weeks ago and move in weekend is scheduled for three weeks from today. Our two bedroom one bath is still snug but it’s luxury compared to the one bedroom apartment we live in now. And let me tell you people, how excruciating it was to refrain myself from buying and flipping for awhile. I knew it would be smarter to wait until we knew the layout of our next home and that time has finally arrived, so let’s let magic begin shall we?


I took Friday off to do a little antique shopping with Jakob’s mom in Buffalo MN. We had a blast taking advantage of the shops that are only open a few days a month. One of my favorite treasures from this weekend I found was an old vintage door already painted perfectly to fit the theme of my dining room. My door was only 20 dollars which was a hell of a deal for a vintage door if you ask me. I cant wait to show you what I plan to do with it in our new home aka new blog post coming soon.

We hit many shops, too many to count actually. I was amazed at how many antique stores there were for such a small town. My favorite was one that not even Jayne knew about till this weekend. Buffalo Nickel, and it’s the antique barn shown in the photo above. This shop was full of vintage goodies in every room. It’s a must see if ever in town.


Here are a list of the other favorites we visited while in town.


Second Hand Rose click here


Patina General Click Here


Mamma’s Happy was only a few miles away from Buffalo. They have shops around selected areas. Mamma’s Happy is MY HAPPY. It’s a great place to buy and be inspired by. Click Here

You can check out Buffalo’s page for more shops and details

Click Here


Next stop on my weekend’s list was no where better/other than my own great grandmothers farm land.


Believe it or not this gorgeous woman is about to turn 89 this month and I am proud to say that her blood runs through my veins. My vintage soul is lucky to have the perfect spot to find hidden treasures. My Grandmother has two barns full of dusty gold.. k not gold. Don’t like try and get smart on her! Not because of what I’ll do to you, but because of what She’ll do to you. Ya HEAR ME?


Unfortunately for me and Jakob, who’s gorgeous head almost got taken off, there were bats. Like the bat flew down and almost took him out. We only lasted about ten minutes but we didn’t leave without grabbing what we could. An old chair, which was from a set of four that I plan to upholster and use as either a blogging or vanity chair, an old crate, two vintage Moonshine bottles which like I need to go into detail of what we plan to do with those; an old (get this) might look silver but COPPER water bucket, a watering can and a very old saw.

We may have only lasted a few minutes in the barn but we made plenty of good time out there playing with the barn cats, enjoying the sunset, chatting with great grandma, oh and we got some half ass photos done too while we were out there.





Me and Jakob even got a little cheesy! Well I take that back, I did! I just threatened him into it.


You can’t put me on a lawn of antiques and expect anything less of me alright!


Last on our list was making our way out to the Detroit Lakes Flea Market in Minnesota. By far one of my favorite flea markets I’ve ever been too, I could be biased since I have been coming here since a tod but it truly is one of the only places that never let’s me down with their selection. There is always someone selling something psychotically fantastic, or something just psychotic like this woman..


Oh hell no!

This time around I found two things I have been looking for, for awhile now.


A tin trash can and a ladder. Yes my two pride and joys of the day. I have been looking for a decently priced stepping ladder all summer but since Pinterest made this trend popular it’s been hard to find a decently priced one. I found a couple who had tons of them. all in good shape, all different sizes and all for only 20 dollars. Don’t get me wrong though, if you spend a good amount of time on craigslist, you can usually find the same thing for next to nothing if not free but they go fast. Like be on stand by 24/7. As for the trash can, I don’t think Jake quite see’s my vision. Maybe you all will but a few years ago when I was moving into my first apartment I was desperately looking for an old tin styled trash can that I could clean up and paint. I failed epically at making that happen because every trash can I found was literally exactly what it was, trash. Like holes, moldy, beyond repair. That is until yesterday when I found this smaller, never used, 10 dollar Tin trash can. Which will be perfect in our 50’s themed kitchen once spray painted mint. Before and after photos coming soon. 🙂


Vintage stores and flea markets are not only a great place for shopping and finding great pieces but they are also a great place to get great ideas on how to make your own. Also remember while shopping flea markets that few dollars and a little bit of elbow grease can go a long way if you let it. Don’t be afraid to bargain with a seller and don’t be afraid to fail. If you find a unique enough piece I can promise you it won’t let you.

I really hope you enjoyed reading about my weekend and my finds. Come back again and see how I flip my pieces and make it right for my home. Please follow, links are on side bar and bottom of the page.

XO Cass


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