Decorative Globe


Something I have been seeing a lot of lately is world globes. Literally I went to Mama’s Happy in Independence MN this weekend and saw like 20 globes just hanging out screaming pick me pick me!!

Last Christmas however, me and my dad were fighting over this globe that my great grandma wanted to give away. Why on earth my dad wanted it beats me but I let him have it and sure shit it sat in an empty bedroom that no one uses for months. I finally got my hands on it the other day and was able to create something a little more.. unique. Because who needs a globe that teaches you something when it can be turned into decor?


I have this rule that if I spend more the 25 dollars on something, then it’s not worth flipping unless I already own the supplies to flip it. For this project I actually spent nothing seeing as I already had everything I needed including the paint.


Chalk board paint or a flat paint

Chalk board markers ( I got mine from Target)

Metallic spray paint

optional: Primer paint


If you follow the same 25 dollar rule as myself then I don’t recommend purchasing one from an antique store. You can find old globes just about anywhere. A few weeks ago I found three at the Goodwill. Try craigslist and garage sales too.


The globe should pop right off of it’s stand. First what I did was separate the two pieces and spray the stand with metallic gold spray paint


Once dry, I attached the globe to it’s stand for easier painting.

The next step is optional, I did not actually do this step but I wish I had and used primer paint as a first coat. This minimizes the number of coats of paint you will need.


Without the primer my globe needed roughly three coats of paint. This didn’t take very long especially since I was distracted by Bachelor In Paradise in between coats.


I made sure to allow enough time for the last coat to completely dry. This step is important as you do not want you’re marker to seep into the paint.

 This next part is entirely up to you. If you pinterest globe art, hundreds of ideas will pop up. I chose The world is yours because my globe will actually be displayed on my blog desk and I wanted something more inspirational. Some of my favorites that I saw are;

You are my favorite adventure

This world is ours

Love makes the world go round

See the world with me

A good deed makes the world brighter

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Peace on earth

I’ll love you to the ends of the earth


I drug my big ol globe to bed with me and attempted to perfect my writing there (Jake was thrilled) If handwriting skills are not your forte (like clearly mine are not) there are other options as well. font stickers at craft stores, stencils, tracing or copying an image or font from the internet if your good at that. Remember if you mess up, paint is your friend. And it’s not noticeable if you paint over a mistake and redo it. I would know since my H and S didn’t turn out so hot at first as seen in the picture above.


A little paint can make the most basic things unique. If this project has inspired you to create your own or something like it please tag me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, my handles are in the side bar or below. Thank you again for stopping by and reading.


XO Cass


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