A simple yet significant picnic date

So I am super giddy all over again re living my favorite date with my favorite man. With fall being right around the corner and summer coming to a rapid close I really wanted to share one of our favorite dates from this summer. This is a great date for couples living on a tight budget like Jakob and myself, it’s also a fantastic date idea for anyone looking for an impressive first date. A little thought and a little romance goes a long way let me tell you.


Prior to going on this date I had it mapped out in my head how organic I wanted it to be. By organic I mean I wanted  an old school, southern picnic. like plaid wool blanket, Wizard Of Oz Dorothy basket kind of picnic.



It took me one trip to the Goodwill to find the perfect basket and blanket. I brought a pillow from home as well.


What to pack

Wine is a given. Nothing is better then being tipsy under the sun with your man. (Am I an alcoholic if I say it was like heaven on earth? Or just like completely cheesy?)

H2o helped fight the heat and the alcohol.

Fruit, We packed cherries in a mason jar and each got our own watermelon half.

minny sandy’s. Um k so not like totally the best thing for you, but Jakob recently got me hooked on hawaiian buns. We made some miniature sandwiches which were the perfect tide me overs. They were easy to make and easy to pack.


Paper Towels, which were very necessary. I also recommend baby wipes.

Hand sanitizer, if you decide to not go with the wet wipes. Think about it you don’t want to be running your sticky watermelon fingers through your dates hair!

Ice packs. I threw two ice packs into my basket and it kept our food and drinks cool the entire time.

Paper/plastic plates and cups. I decided to get fancy and pack two mason jar wine glasses.

Plastic bag, throw trash and dirty dishes into a plastic bag and keep your basket and surroundings protected of filth.

Cutting knife

Cutting board

Corkscrew or bottle opener



Tote, Basket or backpack. Anything that carries your belongings is perfect. If you’re determined to make it look fancy another cute alternative is a crate.


Our watermelon turned out to be great squirrel conversation starter. We made a few great friends. And by a few I mean five.


Location is key to the perfect picnic. Anywhere with a great scenery really.

The wonderful thing about picnic’s are you really don’t have to get that creative. Mother nature  & God takes care of the hard part for you. Some great locations are lake spots, public beach docs, beaches, waterfalls, large fields etc. My suggestion is to work with your surroundings. If you’re in the twin cities location, here are some hot spots I would personally recommend not only for a picnic, but a date in general.

Minnehaha Falls

Moir Park

Como Park ** This is where me and Jake ended up.

Hyland Park

Chain Of Lakes lake Calhoun, Lake Harriet, Lake of the isles, Cedar Lake.

Loring Greenway Park

Centennial Lakes

St Croix Nature Valley Center

For more details Click Here


All of this of course would be nothing without a nice view, and I’m not talking about the location anymore 😉 Ok CHEESY I know but life’s greatest moments truly do revolve around the company that you keep. Keep good company always.


So there you have it! Summer might be coming to an end but Fall is the greatest time of year. Put a picnic date on your fall bucket list or end the summer in the sun with someone you love. Remember that fancy dates don’t have to involve a lot of money. Just a little thought.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading.

XO Cass

XO Cass


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