Antique Chalk Board Dining Table


So we all know how much I love everything antique and chic. But I don’t want to give up a pretty penny for it. That’s why I do everything i can to decorate from craigslist, thrift stores and a can of paint. Sometimes it works and a lot of times it doesn’t. But when a piece doesn’t turn out the way I had planned, it doesn’t suck so bad because I didn’t spend a fortune on it.  Which is why I didn’t mind taking a few different risks on this table here.


I literally spent 25 dollars total on the table, leaf and all four chairs. I didn’t get this lucky on the first try of course, it took me about a month to finally come across something interesting enough and cheap enough. Interesting and cheap is hard to find but not impossible as you are witnessing here. The table was by no means in great shape but it was in decent. There were a few dents here and there but the real work was in the chairs. The fabric was stained beyond repair which all in all worked out in my favor. I didn’t go into this knowing what I wanted. Originally I planned on cleaning up the cushions and painting the set grey but even if the fabric had come clean the creme seats would have clashed with the grey. So I took a more drastic approach.

Now before I jump into the steps I have to say that not everything can be upholstered. Well maybe it can but these seats would not have been easy. Unlike most chairs these were not screwed in they were glued. I didn’t want to risk ruining my favorite part of the table by trying to knock out the seats so I got on the internet and it turns out you can paint your fabric. YES ! paint your freaken furniture people! And it’s legit. check out some of these awesome ideas I found.


click here


click here


click here

So as you see there are many different ways to fabric paint. I recommend checking out these and others over at Pinterest before getting started on your own project.

For smaller projects I think purchasing pre made fabric paint it a great idea. But for big ones making your own saves a lot of money. Pre made paint is only sold in small bottles for about 6 dollars. So instead I made my own from chalk board paint and water.



Depending on the table sanding may be necessary. My table wasn’t made from real wood so it was easy to paint over. I painted the table and chairs with grey chalk board paint using a regular 4 inch and 2 inch paint brush.


12036407_10156104440555297_8582679057720890123_n 12038105_10156104439230297_5174546090130428886_n

I used Valspar antique wax on the table to give it that shabby chic look I love.


Antique waxing can sound intimidating if you have never done it before. I gotta say when I started painting this dark color over my freshly painted grey it was nerve wracking because it literally looked like I was just demolishing my hard work. But the results were perfect. My technique was simply stroking a quarter of the table with a 4 inch bristle brush and then take a damp rag and wiping the excess off. For a more dramatic antique look; leave your stain for a few minutes letting it sit and then wipe the excess off. For an awesome how to check out this video


click here

Instead of using the dark wax on my chairs I accidentally came across a way of creating my own antique wax look.


In half ass chic fashion; I got a little sloppy with the black fabric paint (chalk board paint and water) but I found that this lazy technique actually created a really cool old antique look when I wiped the excess paint. This made painting the fabric easier & faster.


Now I have to say that I don’t love fabric painting. This is one of those things that not even I can half ass. For all four seats (8 cushions) front and back I needed 2 bottles of Folk Art Home Decor Chalk paint. For a thick bold color you will need at least four layers. Apply more as desired.

quick tip- be sure to not mix your paint with too much water you want more of a thick paste rather than a watered down one.



Once finished I set the table and chairs with RUST-OLEUM Chalked protective top coat.


After going in blind I came out surprisingly pleased with my end result. Although the fabric is stiffer it does not feel like paint. I have found that sanding over a little helps a lot to soften the cushion up.


The style isn’t of course for everyone but think of the furniture you could create with this technique!

Thank you so much for checking out our new table. I hope you like it as much as we do. Feel free to comment, share or pin.

XO Cass


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