White Pumpkin Fire Mantel


In light of National Pumpkin Spice day and the first day of October I thought I would share a little fall on the blog today. Anyone who knows me knows fall is hands down my favorite time of year for reasons that could be explained by just about any basic B**** out there! That’s right I’m one with the p spice demographic and I’m loud and proud about it!

Fall fashion and Starbucks aside I thought it would be fun to share some of the latest seasonal updates I made to my home and show you how it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to pumpkin spice up that living space of yours. Today I want to focus on the base of my home which is my fire place. It’s the primary focus of the living room and my favorite thing to decorate especially around the holidays.

Since  moving into my first apartment and finding my personal style I have noticed that I tend to stick to lighter colors regardless of the season and even in the fall my color pallet is more of a white pumpkin then your usual orange. I love how sophisticated and classy this looks.


Fall is pumpkin everything ok. So it’s only natural to load up on fake ones. These can be expensive if you are shopping in the what I would like to call Danger Zones. Danger Zones include stores like Target, Marshals even Walmart. If you are at all like me and hate to wait till after the holiday is over when the decorations are discounted then yes… these stores are danger zones. Because no pumpkin the size of my fist should be 5 dollars or over, even if there are rhinestones.

Orange pumpkins are always cheaper then colorful ones because they are different. People like different. But it’s unnecessary to drop 50 dollars on 5 decorative pumpkins just because they are different when you can create something just as unique. I shopped for all of my pumpkins at Goodwill and the dollar store. Color didn’t matter.


Nothing a little spray paint couldn’t handle. And walla sophisticated, chic pumpkins.


Display your pumpkins anywhere/everywhere. I have 15 or so that are scattered throughout the home and mixed in with my every day decor. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of fall. And the grey and white match perfectly.

3D box Carnations


Can you believe both of these cost me under $10? Now this might be something you have seen frequently on Pinterest in wedding and party ideas. I know I sure have and I have had it on my to do list for a really long time. Originally I was going for the same cylinder look but all the dollar store had were squares; I went for it and the end result was beautiful.

What I needed:

6 fake fall like flowers

2 small glass candle stick holders

2 Square foam pieces

all purchased at the dollar store


Pop your flowers one by one into the foam by pressing firmly down.


Finish your project by hot gluing your carnation onto the candlestick holder.

Fall Wreath

For this project I used a circular foam piece, burlap, hot glue and fake leaves from the flowers I used for the carnations. All purchased at the dollar store. You can also buy larger foam pieces from your local craft store.


Hot glue the end of your burlap to your wreath and wrap the burlap around overlapping itself so that none of the foam shows through. Once completely covered hot glue the other end of the burlap in place.


Originally I was planning on using fake leafs purchased from the dollar store to create a leafy fall wreath but I used the  green leafs from my flowers instead. Hot glue your flowers or leafs in the display of your desire. Tie some string and you have a super easy super cheap cute fall wreath.


To add a nice touch to my fire place I framed my wreath with one of my older chalk boards. This chalk board is the same one that can be seen in my title photo up at the top of the blog. This was an old picture frame I had purchased from the Goodwill a long time ago. I painted the back board of the frame with chalk board paint and painted the frame itself in a light grey to match my coffee table. I then attached my new wreath.

I love how it turned out.


As for our fireplace we do have a real wood burning one. I just have a slight fear of using it. Mostly because I have never used one and it sounds like one more thing I will have to clean. So for the time being I have resorted to candles. I get these candles mostly at the dollar store as well since they are there for look not so much smell. So far I have gotten a lot of compliments on this look. I adore the romance it brings to the room.


Thank you for checking out my white pumpkin fireplace. I hope you love it as much as I do.



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