Lorion Diamond Face Mask


Oh the pregnancy glow. Is it a real thing? Maybe for some but for me it just means I decided to put bronzer on that day.

There is however for sure a glow in a box you can get and thanks to Jakobs momma I got to experience my first taste of it last night.

You may have heard of or seen this new epidemic on shows like the Real House Wives or mentioned by famous beauty bloggers all over the internet. Well today I am going to give you a newbies experience and not just a newbie to the Diamond Face Mask but a newbie to face masks in general. Of course I am not talking about your 95 cent one time face masks from Walmart or them Pinterest home remedies because of course I have already tried the DIY pumpkin Spice for your face recipe. I am talking about a real, pricey, do something for your face kind of face mask.

The Lorion Diamond Face Mask states it is there to help invigorate and condition the skin. Using innovative gem powder to illuminate and brighten the surface and reduce the process of aging at the source. -Lorion’s words not mine. This set comes as a year’s supplies with 12 masks total. 1 per month.

What I did


Lately I have switched my facial cleansers up due to pregnancy and the weather changing (dryness of skin) and have started using Lancome`s creme radiance. What I love most about it; is it hasn’t left my skin feeling dry and aching to apply lotion. I also love the pink cap for sensitive skin.


The set comes in a super nice book with compartments for each mask. Kind of resembles a giant condom if I’m being honest. (come on I can’t be the only one who thinks this) Even the font of the brand looks slightly like a trojan box.


And it feels like it too.

This gel mask turns you into Michael Myers before “the mask” for 10 – 20 minutes. I took the longer route because I fully enjoyed Jakob’s pure creeped outness over my temporary appearance.

I enjoyed the cooling feeling. Like it literally felt like it was cleaning and tightening my face. What I did not enjoy though was feeling like I couldn’t move. Although I could sit slightly up I didn’t feel like I could move around much without the mask sliding down my cheeks.

After removal and disposal of the mask I noticed a dramatic difference in the redness of a few pimples. I followed up with my second favorite face lotion by Neutregena and eye gel by Skin Lab.


The pros

Well I have only tried this mask once but can’t wait to try it again here in a few weeks. It’s an actual mask that secures around the face so there is nothing to rinse off which I like. I also noticed and felt an immediate difference however this could be the virgin of face masks in me because Jayne did not see any results with hers. This will be something I will definitely be keeping you all updated with though.

The Cons

Besides not being capable of being super mobile with the mask on I really have nothing negative to say. I would like it if the eyes were a bit bigger but overall it fit comfortably on my face. I can’t wait to continue this process with my new set of masks.

There are a few down sides to being pregnant, for instance having a belly and range of emotions you can no longer control. But there are also a few up sides as well and they are called spoiling yourself. Or in my case allowing other people to sometimes spoil you. Thank’s again Nana Jayne my nine month supply is sure to have my skin looking it’s best in time for our little blessings arrival ❤

Thanks for reading

XO Cass


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