A Home Tour; Fall Edition



Here at the 1824 residence, I take pride in my home as most of us do. Especially of my taste in decor, so every year I follow through with decorating according to season. It’s a passion of mine really and even on a tight budget I manage to keep a consistent theme throughout the house from room to room. Come take a look!

Center Pieces

Nothing drives me more batty then a naked table. Take advantage of the extra space you have created and display something beautiful.



Gold Antler- Hobby Lobby

Pumpkins- Spray painted dollar store items

Flowers- Dollar store

Square Mirrored Tray- Burlington Coat Factory

Wine Bottle Candle Holders- Pre pregnancy girls night purchases I cut and spray painted.

Leafs- Dollar Store

Candle-  Marshals

Coasters- Free Nordstoms gift

Table was a DIY you  can check out Here


Window Panel – Free Found trasure (family)

Pumpkins- Spray painted from the Dollar Store

Large Milk jug-  Free found treasure (family)

Brass thingy ma-jiggy – Good Will

Flowers- Dollar Store

Table was a DIY you can check out Here

Chalk Boards




Chalk boards  are probably my favorite decor pieces. One because they are super easy and cheap to make and two because you can change up their look according to season, themed parties or if I want to write a little love note to the man. Now I am no artist like my dear friend Emmie who can literally wing anything but I find it easier for me to pull up a similar look on the web and do my best to free hand it by copying what I see. For a full how to chalk board addition check out Em’s blog Click Here

Leaf Garland


This stuff is sold everywhere from Target to the dollar store. I love it. It’s the perfect way to add a little pop of fall color to my home without over doing it.

Birch Wood & Apple Baskets


Ok so my new obsession is birch wood. It’s just so elegant looking. Jake’s family cabin has a lot of this stuff and his mom was so kind to share some with me. Originally I wanted it to have displayed in our fireplace but thought it looked more rustic in this apple basket I got from the Goodwill last year. You can sometimes find these baskets on craigslist otherwise most apple orchards sell them as well.

For more inspiration Click Here


Plaid & Fleece 


I remember associating plaid fleece blankets with grandmas and the goodwill only. Not in a bad way… ok I guess at sixteen anything (old) wasn’t considered “cool” but these days the plaid and the fleece have made a serious come back and I am loving it. What is the first thing we pull out of our closets the minute September comes around? Um fleece and plaid emiright? Why not decorate & keep warm with it also.





Crates are the real deal right now. With rustic being the new modern and grandmas barn being the new Ikea it’s been a lot easier to decorate on a budget. I found both of these on my grandmas farm, cleaned them up and hit them with a little spray paint. When I have time I would love to build a shoe wrack out of them but for now one is used to dry shoes which will come in handy once the snow starts falling. For more crate ideas Click Here

Blanket display


Well it’s getting cold out so what better way to show your excitement for the change in weather then setting up a cute display of blankets to keep you and your company warm. We got our ladder from a cute couple selling TONS of them at a flee market in Detroit Lakes MN.

Pumpkin Candle


Every home needs a pumpkin candle this time of year. I purchase all of my candles (fireplace candles not included) at Marshals. I’ve never been disappointed nor have I spent more then 9 dollars on a candle from Marshals. This one for instance was only 7. A candle this size at Target would be at least $15.00

Skull heads



It’s Halloween! Not everything can be cutesy dutesy! But I will be the first to admit that if you over due it, the presentation of the whole thing can appear sloppy. That’s why I like dropping hints of skull heads throughout the home so that I am keeping a consistent theme but am able to add a little scare factor because after all that is what Halloween is all about.

Baby Pumpkins


I love fake pumpkins. I love them because I can reuse them for many years to come and if my color pallet changes then I can spray paint them. Easy peasy. Here is another crate I found on my great grandmas farm.. the owl; I am drawing a blank on but it’s just a metal piece I hot glued onto the crate. For details on my fake pumpkins Click Here


Your home is a lot like your style.. it’s an expression of the person you are. Not all of us can afford the finer things but with a little creativity and a few pennies you find it’s easy to express yourself throughout your home. Thank you for reading.

XO Cass


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