New blog


Hey all! Some of you may have noticed I have completely went MIA!

Not entirely true. As most of you know; a lot has happened for me this last year. My boyfriend Jake moved in and in the process of looking for our first home together we found out we were expecting. I’m going to be a mommy & I’ve upgraded from my bachelorette pad to a town house in the suburbs with the love of my life. My lifestyle is changing and so is my blogging style. I thought it was time to ditch Half Ass Chic Crafts brand for a more suitable one. Introducing Midwesternmomblog. I’m happy to say I’m finally excited to write again.


Here I will continue to write about what I love the most which is DIYs, interior design and decorating on a budget. And that budget sure has gotten even tighter with a baby on the way. Follow me while I continue to create beautiful spaces all while taking on motherhood.


I want to thank all of you who have supported by following, liking and commenting. You can still find me on Instagram at Casskell2

I hope to keep my previous relationships and followers while gaining new ones with this blog.

So much love for you xo Cass


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