A Corn Maze Gender Reveal


Times have changed. These days the new fad is a gender reveal party. I had no clue what this was till one of my best friends was expecting her first baby a few years ago. She did family and friends and a surprise in a cake. But would it be blue or pink cake on the inside? Just like I had predicted; PINK! From that moment I was pinning gender reveal ideas for me to go back to for when it would be my turn.

Well that time has come. For Jake and I though, I was hung up on doing something completely different. I wanted something that I could not find on Pinterest, something that would include everyone attending the party. Although I would love to take credit for our plan I have to hand it to the soon to be grandmas. The two of them brainstormed a ton of different ideas and came up with an idea so memorable and so creative that the only thing that could rain on our parade was just that.. RAIN. Which it did. But memorable NONE the less. (We will get to the rain later.)

There were a few obstacles but none that me and these super grandmas couldn’t over come. The first AND BIGGEST was.. what I am sure everyone faces during the weeks leading up to their gender reveal ; WHO WOULD KNOW BEFORE? PAUSE! I continue I have to say I am insanely blessed with not only a mother who is ECSTATIC and incredibly supportive over this baby but also a mother of the daddy to be who feels just the same. This, although wonderful, was at the time… stressful. These women were more excited about this baby then I think I was! These women needed to know the babies sex and they needed to know it PRONTO. I however was hung up on NO ONE knowing before the reveal including Jake and I. We went back and fourth between maybe one of the moms knowing to neither to both. But I couldn’t shake how wrong it felt knowing that they would know before Jake and I. This is everyone’s blessing but it’s our baby. The life we created. Our future, our entire reason for existence. I debated with myself thinking maybe it was better that we find out during the ultrasound. Maybe no party at all? Maybe we find out and make everyone else find out at the party. But none of these ideas satisfied me. To me- what was the point of the party if we already knew what we were having? Could I even keep it a secret? My mother would lock me in a room with no food or water till I filled her in with the news for sure. (partial sarcasm) No! I knew that what I really wanted deep down was a special moment shared between me and the people who were going to help shape my baby into the person they would soon become. I knew what I really wanted was to share this moment with the people who have loved and supported Jake and I from day one.

So what did we come up with? No one would know. Well that is no one other than the nurse herself. There would be an ultrasound and both mothers and Jake of course would attend and we would leave with an envelope and curious hearts. And that was exactly what I wanted.

So we tackled that hurtle. But I still had no clue how we would reveal. There has to be a theme and lucky for me my reveal fell right around my all time favorite holiday, Halloween. So this meant pumpkins and plaid right? And if you go on Pinterest you are sure to find a dozen super cute ideas however once again I was determined to be different.

With a date of October 31’st and a festive theme in mind we came up with the perfect idea. A pumpkin either a boy or girl pumpkin would be placed in a box and hidden in a corn maze. Jake, myself and whoever else would like to participate would then go on a hunt for our pumpkin. Once located we would then have to find our way out of the maze and back to the rest of our friends and family where we would then open the box together. What I loved most about this idea was that we could include those that were interested in participating but reveal with everyone. I also loved the idea of being at a pumpkin farm that had other activities for guests to enjoy as well. With the perfect reveal planned we then found ourselves back at square one… WHO WOULD KNOW THE GENDER FIRST? After all the pumpkin wasn’t going to decorate itself… And we needed someone to get it in the box and sealed to be kept secret. This wasn’t something we could ask of our nurse! She would have thought we were insane.

Mark 12:31 ; You Shall Love Your Neighbor As Yourself. yes YES YES! Neighbors are amazing if  you have gotten the chance to get to know them and Jakobs mother has made some wonderful friends out of hers. One of them agreed to be the biggest part of our reveal and vowed to keep our secret safe. Jayne (Jakobs mom) created both a boy and girl pumpkin and then dropped both off along with the sealed envelope. Her neighbor would then open the envelop and place the correct pumpkin in a box and wrap it for us. We would pick it up on our way to the corn maze.

SOUNDS SO FBI RIGHT? It was.. and it was intense.. And exciting.

With a location, time and date set, the only thing that was left to possibly worry about was the weather. We live in Minnesota where there is a 70 percent chance of our Halloween weekends being covered in snow. I’m a risk taker though.

Surprisingly and lucky enough snow was the least of our problems once the day had come. Instead we were greeted by a cold, grey and miserably wet, rainy morning. I was in a panic but family assured me that everything would turn out just fine. Which it really did. Because of the cold and rain there were no other customers but our party  and due to this we were given more special attention which included a large enclosed tent with tables for everyone to sit at. It wasn’t warm and cozy but everyone dressed for the weather and we provided blankets in case anyone needed a little extra warmth.





When it was time, my mother worked with the employees of the farm to hide the pumpkin. They also marked the spot that it was in on a map of the maze so that it wouldn’t take forever to find. I should add that this was not your typical children’s corn maze. This was the real deal. Like Labyrinth material. So in other words it wasn’t easy to find your way out. We gathered up our group and set out to find our baby pumpkin.








Jakob took the lead and fifteen minutes later we found the box. Not bad timing right? Considering the length of time it could have taken us.




The Reveal. Once  we returned everyones excitement was at it’s peek. People showed their guesses proudly with cute mustache and lip photo props I had personally hand made. And will ya take a look at the UH MAZING cake Jayne got us?










And then the moment came. I will let the photos tell the rest of this story.








A baby boy. YES that ugly cry is happy tears over a baby boy.



We got to share this incredible moment with the people we love and who love us right back. The overwhelmingly joyous feeling you see in these photos are every bit real. If I could relive the moment just once I would be happy. Wet nappy hair, chilly hands and all. One of the most amazing moments of my life. I want to thank everyone who came and the mothers that made it happen for Jake and I. This moment and day will forever be engraved in my heart.

If you are wrestling with the idea of having a gender reveal party I highly recommend it. Not because it’s the new cliche but because the moment only comes once. It happens so fast before you know it you are out shopping for clothes. Have it documented, and share the memory with those who can later reminisce with you. Celebrate this time in your life.

Thanks so much for reading. I apologize I have not been writing as often. Baking a baby takes a lot out of you.

XO cass


We’re having a baby


yes YES YESSSSSSSSSS! I Can finally shout it from every corner, every building every social media platform. I can finally stop worrying about being in public and unknowingly grabbing my belly! I can finally stop needing to come up with lies and lies to support those lies when friends and family ask why I have not been around or why I have not been drinking. I can stop holding my breath when people bring up the word baby or pregnancy or a friend of a friend who just found out they are pregnant and say it’s me, I am, we are ME! I can finally and Oh my goodness; FINALLY tell people “this is why I have not been liking you lately, this is why my eyes go evil/ demonic/ sometimes crossed eyed with fury occasionally, this is why you might have seen me cry watching the Rugrats movie, at the mall, in a dressing room, at the office, in the car, in the bathroom, at the grocery store. The list goes on and on. This is why you may have seen me face first, passed out on my desk at work or napping in my car over my lunch hour. This is why I may have rolled my eyes occasionally when you opened your mouth This is why my face looks like a 7th grader going through puberty and this is why my calves and cheeks look like they are about to explode.


I just realized I was pounding like.. super aggressively on my key board but I gotta say that saying it out loud is a really damn good feeling. I think hitting the send button on our social media announcement was like hands down the best feeling ever only because we have been keeping this a secret for the last two months and man was it tough.

Finding out at four weeks was a blessing but a pain at the same time. The positives of finding out early of course were the health benefits, I quit drinking and taking my medications immediately before it would have started effecting our little blessing and began prenatal pills in time for any major growth spurts. The down side to knowing early is……….. I had to keep my mouth shut for 8 weeks. Sure I blabbed here and there to the people who I found to be most trust worthy and those who I felt deserved to know before the rest of the world. But there were others who I wanted to know too but had to wait if I wanted my secret to be kept. Thankfully that secret is no longer a secret and for those of you who would like to stay updated  I thought it would be great to be able to share my pregnancy on the blog with you all. This means the wine series is currently on hold at the moment and a baby bump series is now in full effect. Stay tuned for more. 🙂

Before I go I wanted to share with you our announcement photo. This weekend was a big one for us, not only did we announce baby Hendrickson but we also moved into our new house. Feeling so absolutely blessed right now.





Thank you for all the love and support.

XO Cass & Jake