Candlestick Apothecary Jars


One thing I really enjoy doing is updating house hold items I already own and making different uses out of them. This week I took three old candle sticks and turned them into my own DIY apothecary jars.

apothecary jar. noun. a small, covered jar, formerly used by druggists to hold pharmaceuticals, now chiefly in household use to hold spices, candies, cosmetics, etc., and sometimes decorated, as a lamp base or flower vase.

Yes… some people like myself may have not known what an apothecary jar is so I took the liberty in enlightening you all ahead of time.

The total of my new bathroom decor piece was $3.00 only because I already owned the candle sticks which you can find at any thrift store/garage sale/ consignment store etc. You all know how I like to keep it cheap.

I used metallic spray paint which has fast become a new favorite of mine. It’s gives off a silver leaf appearance without the work of actually silver leafing.


Unfortunately something happened to the before photo of my candle sticks but originally they were white. The jars I picked up from the dollar store and then filled them with Q-tips, cotton balls and my favorite bath salts.




For as easy as this piece was to make it sure makes a statement in my bathroom. Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my quick DIY for the week. I’ll be back with a new house project in a few days.

XO Cass


We’re having a baby


yes YES YESSSSSSSSSS! I Can finally shout it from every corner, every building every social media platform. I can finally stop worrying about being in public and unknowingly grabbing my belly! I can finally stop needing to come up with lies and lies to support those lies when friends and family ask why I have not been around or why I have not been drinking. I can stop holding my breath when people bring up the word baby or pregnancy or a friend of a friend who just found out they are pregnant and say it’s me, I am, we are ME! I can finally and Oh my goodness; FINALLY tell people “this is why I have not been liking you lately, this is why my eyes go evil/ demonic/ sometimes crossed eyed with fury occasionally, this is why you might have seen me cry watching the Rugrats movie, at the mall, in a dressing room, at the office, in the car, in the bathroom, at the grocery store. The list goes on and on. This is why you may have seen me face first, passed out on my desk at work or napping in my car over my lunch hour. This is why I may have rolled my eyes occasionally when you opened your mouth This is why my face looks like a 7th grader going through puberty and this is why my calves and cheeks look like they are about to explode.


I just realized I was pounding like.. super aggressively on my key board but I gotta say that saying it out loud is a really damn good feeling. I think hitting the send button on our social media announcement was like hands down the best feeling ever only because we have been keeping this a secret for the last two months and man was it tough.

Finding out at four weeks was a blessing but a pain at the same time. The positives of finding out early of course were the health benefits, I quit drinking and taking my medications immediately before it would have started effecting our little blessing and began prenatal pills in time for any major growth spurts. The down side to knowing early is……….. I had to keep my mouth shut for 8 weeks. Sure I blabbed here and there to the people who I found to be most trust worthy and those who I felt deserved to know before the rest of the world. But there were others who I wanted to know too but had to wait if I wanted my secret to be kept. Thankfully that secret is no longer a secret and for those of you who would like to stay updated  I thought it would be great to be able to share my pregnancy on the blog with you all. This means the wine series is currently on hold at the moment and a baby bump series is now in full effect. Stay tuned for more. 🙂

Before I go I wanted to share with you our announcement photo. This weekend was a big one for us, not only did we announce baby Hendrickson but we also moved into our new house. Feeling so absolutely blessed right now.





Thank you for all the love and support.

XO Cass & Jake

A simple yet significant picnic date

So I am super giddy all over again re living my favorite date with my favorite man. With fall being right around the corner and summer coming to a rapid close I really wanted to share one of our favorite dates from this summer. This is a great date for couples living on a tight budget like Jakob and myself, it’s also a fantastic date idea for anyone looking for an impressive first date. A little thought and a little romance goes a long way let me tell you.


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Decorative Globe


Something I have been seeing a lot of lately is world globes. Literally I went to Mama’s Happy in Independence MN this weekend and saw like 20 globes just hanging out screaming pick me pick me!!

Last Christmas however, me and my dad were fighting over this globe that my great grandma wanted to give away. Why on earth my dad wanted it beats me but I let him have it and sure shit it sat in an empty bedroom that no one uses for months. I finally got my hands on it the other day and was able to create something a little more.. unique. Because who needs a globe that teaches you something when it can be turned into decor?

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Flea market find’s & antique treasures


This weekend the junk gypsy in me was wide awake. From antique shopping in Buffalo to finding miscellaneous treasures on my great grandmothers farm in Detroit Lakes.

We were officially approved on the home we wanted a few weeks ago and move in weekend is scheduled for three weeks from today. Our two bedroom one bath is still snug but it’s luxury compared to the one bedroom apartment we live in now. And let me tell you people, how excruciating it was to refrain myself from buying and flipping for awhile. I knew it would be smarter to wait until we knew the layout of our next home and that time has finally arrived, so let’s let magic begin shall we?

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