The View


No…not the boobs, the city.

I promised you a post on my trip to Chicago, and seeing as it’s taken me weeks to come up with something, I have to admit I’ve been having an extremely tough time writing about my experience. Partially because, ehh, 60 percent of the time I was slightly intoxicated and partially because instead of coming home and writing while my experience was fresh in my memory, I recovered in bed away from society for two days straight. So again, for the delay, I apologize. I might as well tell you that Lana was an epic failure. It was a high of 43 degrees that day with whiplash winds and down pouring rain; and of course us girlies only thought to bring shorts and open-toed shoes. Ok, so we’re not that much of complete idiots, we did pack warm clothing and tennis shoes, however, no amount of clothing would have made us comfortable; even with our pepto bismol colored ponchos on. So we bailed and decided to spend one last night in Chi Town, which was not completely a bad idea.

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