15 Dollar Pallet Coffee Table


Over the last few years I have been seeing Pallett furniture everywhere. This coffee table has been on my to do list for awhile now and I finally did it. With a truck, a gallon of paint and my very helpful boyfriend I finally knocked this bad boy off my to do list and this is how.

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Shabby Chic Room Divider Headboard


This was one of those genius ideas I got out of nowhere & thought… why has no one ever thought of this. But turns out, people have cause when I googled room divider headboard, 51 images popped up. Regardless this is one of my favorite pieces and was super easy to create. Cheap room dividers can be sneaky, this is one of those home accessories that I think have kind of slowly died out but have no fear, craigslist is your friend and I guarantee if you check it daily even hourly for that matter you will have a nice inexpensive one in no time. Mine kind of just fell in my lap as my neighbors were moving and getting rid of a lot of items so it was free. Originally I was planning on moving into a studio apartment and would use the divider to hide my bed behind but lucked out and found a nicely priced one bedroom so there was no need. I decided to repurpose and use as my headboard and it turned out beautifully.

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Chic Window Bench


This Window bench was truly the easiest piece of furniture I have created thus far. Originally this piece was just two large barn styled (square) end tables which ended up being useless to me after I found an identical coffee table set for the living room but being that I am determined to repurpose everything I own I decided to push the two together & sit it up against my window as a place for the cats to hang out and gawk at their squirrel friends. As useful as this was it was tacky as hell so I decided to make it a little more flattering to the eye.

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