Lorion Diamond Face Mask


Oh the pregnancy glow. Is it a real thing? Maybe for some but for me it just means I decided to put bronzer on that day.

There is however for sure a glow in a box you can get and thanks to Jakobs momma I got to experience my first taste of it last night.

You may have heard of or seen this new epidemic on shows like the Real House Wives or mentioned by famous beauty bloggers all over the internet. Well today I am going to give you a newbies experience and not just a newbie to the Diamond Face Mask but a newbie to face masks in general. Of course I am not talking about your 95 cent one time face masks from Walmart or them Pinterest home remedies because of course I have already tried the DIY pumpkin Spice for your face recipe. I am talking about a real, pricey, do something for your face kind of face mask.

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