A Wine Series, entry one; CORK COASTERS


  There are plenty of reasons to be a wine drinker. Drinking wine makes you look classy as hell unless of course you are drinking straight from the bottle. Drinking wine makes you a happy drunk so it’s safe to say you won’t be getting into any bar fights while consuming it. Drinking wine, well red wine in particular is supposed to be beneficial to your heart and health AND as if we needed more of a reason to eat, drinking wine enhances the flavor of some of our favorite foods.  Oh yes wine is a blessing in a bottle and for so many reasons but for the craftoholics like myself, who are addicted to more then just the perks this alcohol has to provide, were addicted to the endless opportunities that can come from an empty bottle.

I’m passionate about three things; wine, crafts & cats. And when I can combine my passion’s I’m a happy girl. The best thing about a bottle of wine is the significance it holds. An endless list of necessities & decor that can come from getting a real nice buzz on some wine. Like, I can literally get drunk and make 101 crafts using the corks and bottles at the same time and THAT if you ask me is blog writing worthy. Therefore I have decided to start my first craft series which I have titled, drum roll please…………. A Wine Series

witty, I know.

Not that you didn’t already know that from the title of this blog but some dramatic hype felt necessary. So grab a bottle of wine or ten, some friends, your trusty hot glue gun and let’s make some pretty thaanggs happen.


These bad boy’s took approximately five minutes to create. Not including the weekends / Bachelor Monday nights / occasional Thirsty Thursday’s it took to collect the corks themselves of course. As a side note and I must say I cringe while I say this.. If for some odd reason you are not a wine drinker (PS not judging, God loves everyone, I just don’t understand you is all) … or if you’re like “shit! I need some cool wine cork coasters like right now but I never save my corks & my liver really can’t handle 24 bottles of moscato nor can my bank account afford a trip to the drunk tank” THEN FEAR NOT YOUNG CRAFT ONE…… You can just drive up to your local craft store and buy a bag of corks. Not as fun but it’s an option.

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